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Red Sands Radio - Part 15

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BBC TV filming was set for Tuesday 29th June 2010

TV Crew

14. A morning location shooting in and around Whitstable Harbour

In coordination with Trevor Adams (projectredsand) the crew set sail for the Forts

Cabelfret passing Shivering Sands

15. East bound Cabelfret Ferry passing distant Shivering Sands

Towers from X-Pilot wheelhouse

16. The Towers from X-Pilot wheel house

Towers with Essex coast beyond

17. Red Sands with the Essex coast beyond

6 of 7 Fort Towers

18. Bofors Tower out of frame

4 elderly ladies

19. Four elderly ladies in a row!

The main tower used by all since the 1960's

20. Door hatches closed against the elements

New Fendering

21. New fendering

New Fendering

22. 40 gallon plastic containers on landing stage

New Fendering

23. Final approach

X-Pilot from G1

24. View of the service tender from the top doors through the crane jib arm

F24 1917

25. Not before noticed but eagle eyed Peter spotted the lettering on the ceiling above the Fort personnel entry

F73 undated

26. Faversham registrations and dates of Whitstable based fishing boats

The Forts were all plundered for useful items, scrap and even engines for years after abandonment

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