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Red Sands Radio - Part 4

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Welcome Aboard

We've been asked about visiting & boarding the Fort

Part 4 of the Red Sands Radio story therefore is dedicated to taking a pictorial trip to the Red Sands Fort

Not to be missed an explanation to accompany this feature on CD available from the Offshore Shop : Life Live on Red Sands Radio takes listeners on a tour around the Southern Gun Tower

X-Pilot Build Plate

Red Sands tender the X-Pilot Build Plate

X-Pilot pilot transfer

Flashback - A Pilot leaving our tender the X-Pilot in the 1960's

X-Pilot comes alongside fort

The X-Pilot comes alongside the Red Sands Fort Southern Gun Tower

Throwing a line

Taking throwing-line from X-Pilot

X-Pilot between G1 & G2 (4)

X-Pilot drops back between G1 & G2 (4) Towers

Ladder Cage

You're on the platform & have climbed the ladder cage to the crows nest, take a look back down

From Hatch to Crows Nest

Now inside the Fort having passed through the entry portal looking down to the crows nest from (Point A)

Inside at top of ladder

Access covered with safety hatch

Bottom Floor Plan

Plans reproduced to ease navigation

Bottom Floor Level Plan


Programme Clips; Seitse, Prinz, Ian McRea & Bill Rollins

By entry looking into Men's Sleeping

By entry portal (Point A) looking towards (Point F)

Press Release #10

Press Release 10 - PDF File - 9th July 2007

By entry looking into NCO's Washroom

We're about to turn immediately left into (Point D)

Inside NCO's Washroom

(Point D) was the NCO's Washroom, the Radio Invicta TX room. The hole giving vision to & from their studio, the shelf is an original 1940's fitment

Bath & toilet pans removed

Same area with wall panels, toilets & bath removed

NCO's Washroom window

View from window towards Seasalter from (Point D)

NCO's Washroom looking towards door

(Point D) looking back towards door & the entry portal

We're going through to enter (Point F)

Men's Sleeping

Inside (Point F) Men's Sleeping Area looking North West

Men's Sleeping SW corner

Inside (Point F) Men's Sleeping Area looking South West the other side of TX room this is where Radio Invicta had their studio

Men's Sleeping window to Control Tower

(Point F) looking towards the Control Tower

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