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Red Sands Radio - Part 4

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Welcome Aboard

Men's Sleeping window close up

Still at (Point F) the steel Crittal windows have rusted & the reinforced glass discoloured & distorted over the years

Men's Sleeping looking East

Leaving (Point F) Men's Sleeping Area looking East

Lower doors interior

From (Point A) looking towards doors in (Point B)

On walkway by catwalk gantry

We're outside (Point F) having walked around the balcony to its end to Catwalk stage looking North West

On walkway by catwalk gantry looking East Window detail

View in the other direction looking East

Window detail from outside (Point F)

On walkway looking towards Windfarm On walkway looking South

Looking East towards the Windfarm on the Kentish Flats & turning the corner looking South towards Herne Bay & Whitstable

On walkway looking South by Heads On walkway looking South West

1. Outside of (Point C) by Heads 2. By the bottom doors (Point B)

Press Release #11

Press Release 11 - PDF File - 11th July 2007

Interior looking from open doors

Looking towards entry portal from (Point B) with back now to doors

Men's Washroom light switches

(Point C) Men's Washroom, light switches inside entry door

Inside Men's Washroom Bath with Solar Shower

1. (Point C) Men's Washroom looking into Bath Cubical below letter C on plan

2. Second Bath Cubical & the Solar Shower

Urinal Trough

The Urinal

Heads Overview

Middle of the three heads

Burlington Cistern

Flush cistern by Burlington, of course

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