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Red Sands Radio - Part 4

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Issue 2 : Updated : 21st February 2008

Welcome Aboard

From bottom level stairs From bottom level stairs alt view

Same view different lighting;

1. Natural light looking up from (Point B) to intermediate level (Point G)

2. Flash assisted to show detail

Intermediate level looking down stairs

Looking down from (Point G) to (Point B)

Intermediate level plan

Intermediate Floor Level Plan

Intermediate level doors

Top of the stairs & closed doors (Point G)

Crane Motor

The crane motor assembly on the floor (Point G) Access to right passes Men's Sleeping to Men's Recreation (Point H) now the Red Sands Radio Galley. Entry is actually by a short corridor which is different than shown on the plans

Crane motors were scavenged for parts years ago, the solid steel assembly is very heavy & must have come down with some force

Men's Recreation/Galley

The Men's Recreation Room/Galley arrangement using the original storage cupboards which long ago lost their doors

Men's Recreation/Galley Light Switch Men's Recreation/Galley internal door knob

1. The Men's Recreation Room/Galley light switch 2. The inner door handle

(Point H)

Intermediate level stairs to roof

Returning to (Point G) from (Point H) stairs to top level on the left

Intermediate level looking into NCO's Sleeping

The armchair to right is in the NCO's Sleeping (Point L) which is Red Sands Radio Lounge & News Room. There's a short corridor that runs between (Point L) & the Water Tanks (Point J) to the Ammunition Room (Point K)

Door on left is NCO's Recreation Room (Point M) Red Sands Radio Studio The Store shown on the plan was removed in 1964 by Radio Invicta, we have it's door

Intermediate level looking into NCO's Recreation

Stairs to top level on the left, ahead NCO's Recreation/Red Sands Radio Studio (Point M)

Printz in Studio

Studio with Printz, the lad's not a good sailor hence the Water Wings

Gunners Tool Cupboard at top of roof stairs

The stairs to top level, the Gunners Tool Cupboard to the right houses the Ship-Shore Link & the door to the left leads to a short flight of steps onto the roof

Windfarm in East

Looking East towards the Windfarm

Gun Tower 3

A Seagull dives from Gun Tower 3

Gun Tower 4 Close Up

Close up of Gun Tower 4 showing vegetation thriving in the gutters

Grateful thanks to Rupert Murray & Kevin Turner for additional photographs

This feature will continue in Red Sands Radio - Part 5

3/1/08 - Thanks for the Red Sands Radio update just a short message to wish you and yours a happy new year. Your site continues to be one of the best and most informative sites on offshore radio - T A Smith

05/09/07 - Enjoyed the Red Sands Radio broadcast. I couldnt get the signal on AM due to our local University station on the same frequency! but downloaded it all via the net. I Hope Red Sands Radio returns from time to time on another frequency so I can receive it live here. All good stuff for my radio! Cheers for now - DR St Albans

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