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Red Sands Radio - Part 8

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Part 8 of the Red Sands Radio story continues with

Air Fort

In part 7 we had some shots of a light aircraft buzzing Red Sands Radio

Now we bring you aerial pictures from Red Sands Radio's official photographer

Ready for take off from Manston Airport

These days renamed London Manston

The longest airfield on the the East Coast the field could have accommodated Concorde

Still a safely over shoot for Europe the airfield was active during the War & has a fine Spitfire Museum

Pilot Steve former owner of Herbert's Cycle Shop, High Street, Whitstable

Passing over the Wansum Valley towards the shoreline between Reculver & Westgate-on-Sea

Over the Windfarm Red Sands Fort right of centre with the Isle-of-Sheppey & Essex beyond

Red Sands from the North East, the North Redsands Towers Buoy right marking the port side of the Oaze Deep

Vessels heading to or from the North East after passing Shivering Sands take the Knock John or Knob Channels then either The Black Deep past the wreck of the Mi-Amigo or more direct Easterly The Alexandra then Princes Channel

Looking toward Essex shipping in The Warp Channel

A restricted area separates the Oaze Deep nearest the Red Sands from the Warp

Left is Southern Gun Tower with its circa 2007 antenna

Faversham & Oare Creeks

Centre slipway is the Harty Ferry connecting the mainland to the Isle-of-Sheppey

Left fork is Faversham Creek that winds its way to the Town Centre

The right fork is Oare Creek that peters out at the Faversham - Oare Road

In the apex is the Old Shipwrights Arms only in recent years connected with mains electricity

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