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Radio Caroline & the Mi-Amigo - Part 2

Issue 1 : Updated : 5th November 2007

Continuing our look at Caroline's days on the Mi Amigo

Warnings to boat owners have through the years been posted at most South/East British Ports

Mi-Amigo Sky Photo

The above produced in defiance by the FRA Free Radio Association in the 1970's

Andy Archer in a fair mood with Mike Haggler

See Mike Haggler in 2003 in our tribute to Tony Allan


Andy Archer opening Caroline's evening programmes

Barry Everett & Hugh Nolan from Radio Geronimo joined Caroline's progress night time service Radio Seagull which began in the summer of 1973

An extremely thin Engineer/DJ Robin Adcroft on the Mi Amigo later recalled the privations of life on the ship

'Food was something of a luxury, in the end we just didn't have any!'

There's more from Robin on RNI navigate from RNI Robin Banks - Part 1

A toilet pan insulator some crude lashings & Caroline goes International again but this time with two services from the Mi Amigo

259 & Radio Caroline 2 on 389 sometimes known as Radio Gannet

Approaching the ship in 1978

Gates Studioette desk a AKG D222 microphone, Garrard 301's & aged Spotmaster

When the Spotmasters gave up the ghost adverts & jingles being played out from an old Sony open reel tape recorder

Reply to fans letter from Robin Adcroft

Dents from heavy weather tendering, rust & general dilapidation testament to her long years at sea

Having given faithful service since 1964 the ship was to sink in March 1980 at 51. 35' North 01. 17' 20" East close to Long Sand

A Trinity House buoy marks the Mi Amigo

The wreck site on the edge of the Black Deep just off the North Edinburgh Channel in the Thames Estuary

The mast was to remain aloft until 1986 unlike the buoy which was taken as a souvenir shortly after being put in position

See more of the final Mi Amigo mast in At Sea with Stuart Vincent

Mi-Amigo Wreck Sky Photo Mi-Amigo Wreck Scouring Sky Photo

The Port of London Authority (PLA) based at London River House, Royal Pier Road, Gravesend. Kent DA12 2BG Tel. +44 (0) 1474 562200 conducted a Hydrographic Survey of the Wreck of the Mi Amigo in 2007 above is how she looked, the right hand image shows the tidal scouring of the sea bed around the wreck

Grateful thanks to Robin Adcroft, the late Mike Bass, Richard Palmer, Terry Vacani & Kevin Turner & the PLA for their help in producing this item

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