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Updated: 9th August 2009 Issue: 1

Halftone of Mebo 2

More memories from Engineer/DJ Robin Banks onboard the Mebo 2

Mebo 2 starboard side ladder

Mike Ross helps his wife Sheila climb aboard the Mebo 2

King Kong close up

Gentle giant Mebo 2 ships engineer


Ship's Engineers moment of glory extensively used by Don Allen

MW transmitter rack

Bob Nokes works on the RCA BTA 10J 10.5kw ex Radio 390 standby transmitter

HV Cage

Robin Banks inside HV (high voltage) cage

Robin Banks topping up the aerial capacitors inside the HV cage with cooling oil

Dutch in news area

The intrepid Dutch news team

Studio & panel with Brian MacKenzie

Brian MacKenzie

Jackie RNI


Hitback Show with Brian MacKenzie sitting in for Robin Ross

Nokes finds marmalade

Found the last jar of marmalade in Bob Nokes cabin

Mess room group

Captain & crew in the background, facing the camera Roger Kent, John de Mol, Brian MacKenzie, then back to the camera Bob Nokes & AJ Bierens

Brain MacKenzie on air

A solemn moment from Brian Mackenzie

Ronan O'Rahilly visits the Mebo 2

Ronan O'Rahilly visits the Mebo 2 on Friday 30 August 1974 one day before the 'Mi Amigo' changes anchorage from Scheveningen in Holland to Essex in the UK

1970 election jamming campaign

Reaction to RNI jamming, becoming Radio Caroline voters were urged to vote for the government that supported free radio. The Conservatives win the 1970 summer general election but the jamming continued until the ship returned to Holland

Bob Nokes on air

Bob Nokes looks surprised to see the Silver Fox arrive

Captain & crew in mess room

Unperturbed Captain & crew round off dinner in the mess room

Leo van De Groot in studio

Leo van den Goot

Robin Banks plays darts

Game of darts before you leave Ronan?

Ronan O'Rahilly leave Mebo 2

Ronan departing the Mebo 2

Bob Nokes in walkway

Bob Nokes loitering in the walkway

AJ Bierens in studio

AJ Bierens takes over for RNI goes DX

Mebo passes astern of Radio Veronica ship Nordernay

At midnight on 31 August 1974 the Dutch MoA comes into force,. Closing down the Mebo is towed a few days later past the Radio Veronica ship the Nordernay on the way into port

Mebo 2 towed into Slikkerveer harbour

The Mebo under tow approaches Slikkerveer harbour Rotterdam

Mebo now truely inside Dutch waters

Elija & Brian on deck in Rotterdam

Elija Cornelia van Den Berg with Brian Anderson on deck in harbour

Transmitter hall

The ship & equipment is overhauled in readiness for the Italian Radio Nova. Above Bob Nokes sets up the Brown Boveri 10.5kw short wave transmitter

Robin Banks works on standby mw transmitter

Whilst Robin Banks modifies the RCA BTA 10J former Radio 390 10.5kw standby medium wave transmitter

Robin Banks in Mebo 2 galley in 1974

At first things go well, Robin Banks pictured above in 1974 in the Mebo 2 galley courtesy of Theo Dencker

Rough sea seen from deck

By late in late 1974 storm clouds gather as the Radio Nova project is halted

Slikkerveer harbour was quite a distance from Rotterdam Central & in those days transport was lousy


The 'Mebo II' languishing in harbour 'Cabin Fever' with Robin Banks playing at Radio Shiissenhousen to help pass the time

Robin Banks below on Mebo 2 off Libya in 1980

Finally the Mebo 2 finds its way to Libya pictured here Robin Banks still with the ship in 1980

Mebo 2 in choppy sea

The Mebo 2 digging into a choppy sea

There's more of the RNI ships the Mebo's in Libya

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Thumbnail Sketch of Robin Banks: Born Robin Adcroft he came to radio with land pirate RFL Radio Free London in 1968 along with lifetime friend Mike Bass. He then participated in the Channel Radio a land based pirate based in Dover Kent where he broadcast under the name Roger Lane

He joined the Radio Caroline Organisation as an engineer, responsible for transmitter & studio engineering on board the "Mi Amigo". Using his own name Robin Adcroft, he was heard at times on Radio Caroline where his infrequent programmes became popular

Joining RNI his first programme was at 03.00 - 05.00 CET on 25 August 1973

A magazine of the day commented: "since Robin's been part of the RNI team his DJ skill has improved considerably with his programmes are presented in a most professional manner"

Robin stayed with RNI, until the station closed down in August 1974

He subsequently presented "drive-ins" with Robbie Eden in Belgium & assisted Chris Carey in forming a Company to manufacture electronic ball games.

In 1977, Robin was one of the transmitter engineers, when the 2 Mebos, each with a crew of nine onboard, departed from Holland for Libya. The 2 vessels departed on January 14th and arrived in Tripoli on February 9th & stayed with the ship until 1980.

These days he works as a freelance studio/transmitter engineer in UK & overseas as contracts dictate & is a leading light in the Red Sands Project an ambitious drive that began in 1969 with a serious view to preserve the last remaining complete set of Maunsell Sea Forts in the Thames Estuary

The RNI Documentary CD Mebo Memories is available from the Offshore Shop along with other Offshore Radio related material

Thanks to John De Blok for additional information

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