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RNI Sounds Happiness

"If the anorak don't fit make it"

Radio Northsea International in July 2001

Issue: 1 Updated: 11th December 2014

Lightship LV18 starboard close up

The Radio Northsea International ship, former Trinity House Light Vessel 18, affectionately named Mebo 3 moored at the old railway pier in Harwich harbour

Kevin Turner at breakfast

Head Chef, chief bottle washer & deputy crew member hear his Grace Kevin Turner at breakfast

See Kevin Turner on Caroline & Radio Sovereign Italy

Ben Meijering

Watch out the "cloggies" have arrived, Ben Meijering on his final show before sailing for the hook of Holland

Sea King rescue helicopter through LV18 arial mast

Sea King helicopter at rescue work viewed through the rear radio mast of the LV18

Bob Le-Roi reports sea traffic on RNI mid-day show

A new slant on travel news, reporting ship movements during the drivetime show!

RNI sea traffic report of vessels sailing by LV18

Pumping water

Ships crew with something long skinny & blue in his hand!

Bleeding pump

Ah it was the hose of the sea water pump, bleeding the line of air before topping up the heads (toilet)

Bob Le-Roi in RNI studio Bob Le-Roi in 1965

The LV18 Bridge Studio commanding excellent views across Harwich, Mistley, & Shotley, back to back with some lad with hair recording a Radio City tender tapes!

Rare Decca Demo of Bob's RNI Theme

Rare demo of Bob's RNI Theme

Rare Decca Demo of Bob's RNI Theme C/W Rare Decca Demo of Bob's RNI Theme

'Ride My See-Saw' by Ronnie Aldrich his two pianos & the London Festival orchestra & C/W 'Romance on the North Sea'

World of Phase 4 Stereo LP Cover

Was never released as a single appeared on the Decca Phase 4 LP PFS 4159 'It's Happening' & the compilation 'The World of Phase 4 Stereo' SPA 32

Kevin Turner with Cloin Lamb

Deck crew Kevin Turner & Colin Lamb yarning away an evening in the LV18 fore peak

Dick Palmer in 1966 Dick Palmer on RNI in 2001

"Little Willy" Richard Palmer & "Big Dick" Palmer on the night trip

Sunset over the LV18

Another days end, sunset over the LV18 in Harwich July 2001

Thanks for your Easter updates. Nice to see some "new" pictures from the great RNI. Per

Radio Nordzee yes enjoyed it even though a bit smaler this time - Carol

There's more of the LV18 in RNI 1999 & the lightships that served at Tongue Sands & the fort there in Caroline 1983&4 & Eurosiege

For Radio Northsea International in the 1970's navigate from RNI Robin Banks Part 1 There's a picture of the LV 18 at Harwich in 2003 in the Sealand feature navigate from Sealand One

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