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Sealand in 2010

A short visit to the Principality on 6th June 2010

with Bill Rollins returning to a former Naval Fort since leaving the Sunk Head for the last time in 1966

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Approaching Sealand

1. Sealand's remote location off the Essex/Suffolk coast has of plenty of seaborne traffic little venture close to the Fort

Tower through mist

2. The Tower comes out of the mist

Close to Sealand

3. Masts, antenna's, wind turbine, gantry and derrick

Proclaiming Sealand

4. Banner proclaiming Sealand with bosons chair ready

Motor boat Karina

5. Pleasure craft 'Karina' lies off ready to make personnel transfer

Southern end of fort

6. South deck

Looking down on motor boat Karina

7. Another willing body makes the ascent

Bosuns chair

8. Transfer effected by bosons chair

The row

9. The Row

Sealand Lounge

10. Sealand lounge with wood burning fire

PO Box on the Row

11. Send a postcard!

PO Box on the Row close-up

12. Sealand postbox

The galley 1

13. The galley

The galley 2

14. Galley

Door furniture

15. Row doors with original 1940's vintage door furniture

Stairs up to level 3

16. Between decks North Leg at level D (4)

High water level mark

17. Showing mean high water mark


18. Crew sleeping accommodation North Leg level D (4)

Conference room notice

19. Conference Room notice North Leg level E (5)

Conference room white board

20. Conference Room white board North Leg level E (5)

The chapel

21. Chapel North Leg level B (2)

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