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Sealand in 2010

A short visit to the Principality on 6th June 2010

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The chapel

22. Chapel North Leg level B (2)

Looking down to level g north leg

23. North Leg at level F (6) looking down to level G (7)


24. More crew accommodation North Leg level D (4)

Billiard table

25. Billiards anyone North Leg level E (5)

Gardner LW generator

26. Gardener generator

Gardner LW generator close-up

27. At deck level A (1) Northern Leg

Generator room

28. Generator control panel, bench and general spare parts

South open deck

29. South of open deck

Red Bull were here

30. With Red Bull branding

Hoist winch motor

31. Winch motor Southern end

Heli-pad looking south

32. Looking South from the Heli-pad

Heli-pad looking north

33. Looking north from the Heli-pad

Heli-pad looking down from steps south end

34. Roof steps down to Southern deck


35. Need an accumulator, power cells charged by wind turbine at deck level 1 (A) South leg

Power distribution and telephone exchange 1

36. Southern leg at level 1 (H) spare parts

Power distribution and telephone exchange 2

37. Stored in power distribution and telephone exchange area

Power distribution and telephone exchange cable runs

38. Cable run through munitions lift shaft

Machine room 1

39. Machine room

Machine room 2

40. Deck level 2 (I) of the Southern leg

Weather word

41. Sealand 'weather word'

Work stations 1

42. Work stations

Work stations 2

43. Deck level 3 (J) Southern leg

Telephone directory

44. Internal telephone directory deck level 3 (J) Southern leg

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