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Sealand Roy's Domain

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Part of our ongoing Sealand series this feature's produced in tandem with our Tribute to Roy Bates

Leaving Harwich Harbour

1. Leaving Harwich Harbour

Stena Line Ferry

2. Inbound Stena Line the Britannica & Hollandica superferries sail from Harwich to the Hook of Holland

Always a seagull or two

3. Hitching a ride

Roughs Tower

4. The strange shape of Sealand comes into view

Fishing spot

5. A prime spot for catching Bass angling boats congregate around the legs of the Forts

Tendering Sealand

6. This one acts as the tender note supplies being taken up by crane

Fort flying Sealand colours

7. The Fort flying the Sealand colours as HH154 leaves the Tower

Underside of Sealand

8. Underside of the 4,500 ton monster

Ready to go aloft

9. Preparations to go aloft

Under the crane jib

10. Under the crane jib

Bosuns chair

11. Bosuns Chair

Chair over the side

12. ... over the side, he's there somewhere?

Up he comes

13. In the early days personnel were hauled up manually ...

Hard work done by winch

14. ... now the motorised winch does the work

Swell around leg

15. Leg from deck level

Harwich based service vessel

16. Harwich based Trinity House vessel

Salmaid A187

17. The Salmaid A187 ...

Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service Vessel

18. ... is a Royal Maritime Auxiliary Service (RMAS) heavy lifting vessel

Lifting West Cardinal Buoy

19. West Cardinal Buoy on deck

Returning West Cardinal Buoy

20. Being returned to the water ...

Following checks on buoy

21. ... after service checks

Perodic maintainence

22. Buoy maintenance is conducted periodically by Trinity House

East Cardinal Buoy

23. Attention turned to East Cardinal Buoy

East Cardinal Buoy on deck

24. For more information download pdf

Cleaning and checks complete

25. More pictures of the Salamaid off Sealand

From Sealand Heli-Deck

26. Overview from the top deck to the Suffolk coastline

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