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Whitstable Yacht Club's Round Forts

Race 2007

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Issue: 1 Updated: 19 December 2007

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With the prospect of a weekend of good weather in what's been a diabolical summer

We grabbed the chance to go out to the Fort to conduct some preventative maintenance, by chance Saturday 15th September was the day of Whitstable Yacht Club's 12th Round Forts Race

An idea from Club Member Nick Dewhirst originated in 1995 we presented at the first race which has now become an annual event

Over 40 Catamarans took part with legs of between 7 to 13 km from the yacht club & back. The first open sea leg was to the Red Sand Forts, the Kentish Flats Windfarm, & coastal legs to Herne Bay, the Isle-of-Sheppey & up into the Swale Estuary

Faced with a flat calm & light winds the start was delayed until North North East winds reached 8 mph

All Tide Landing Queenborough

06.23: BST on Saturday 15th September 2007 with "Sheppey II" at the All Tide Landing Queenborough, Isle-of-Sheppey

Queenborough Harbour

"Sheppey II" is a Harbour Master Launch & the Water Taxi used by visiting yachtsmen moored on mid-channel buoys

Meeching & Nore Commodore

" Meeching" & "Nore Commodore" of the Murray Tug Fleet

My late father was skipper of Meeching at Newhaven for many years, I'm producing a 'life history' of the tug for the Newhaven Museum. Would it be possible to have a hi-res copy of this photo that I could put into the book, please? Thanks - Andy Gilbert

Photograph supplied with agreed copyright & credits - ED

See the Nore Commodore in Afloat & Big L 1997

Saint David & The Torch

The Saint David alongside the redundant coaster "Torch"

Medway VTR at Garrison Point

Medway VTS (Vessel Traffic Services) building centre formally Medway Radio at Garrison Point Sheerness

Grain Tower & Hard Buoy

Grain Tower & Grain Hard Buoy opposite Garrison Point Fort at the mouth of the River Medway

X-Pilot Bow Red Sands Fort & Windfarm

07.50: Bow of "X-Pilot" with Red Sands Fort & Windfarm

Red Sands Bofors Gun Tower

10.58: Bofors Tower from Roof of Red Sands Southern Gun Tower 1 at low tide

G1 landing stage & legs

Gun Tower 1 looking down onto landing stage & legs from lower balcony

Gunners tool cradle

Spare 3.7" Gun Barrel cradles, you can just make out the other part in background, close-up detail below

Gunners tool cradle steel work

3.7" RSJ Gun Barrel cradle extruded by the Shelton England Foundary, the wooden shaped cut-out has fallen away

Each Fort had four 3.7" Guns & each individual tower held up to 2 spares

The R.E.M.E (Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers) would check the barrel rifling & replace as required

Leading Yacht

12.42: The Racing Yachts approach out of Whitstable

Leading Yacht east of fort

12.43: F20 No 1055 first to the Fort by a healthy margin, but results are based on set off & handicaps

Nick Elmore with Crew Kyle Stoneham from Thorpe Bay came in 6th in his 5 Formula 20 in 4 hours .02' 12"

GBR 413

12.47: GBR 413

Simon Northrop with crew Jeremy Carter from Minnis Bay came in 12th in his 19 Tornado in 4 hours 3' 57"

Body of Yachts follow

12.48: The main body of yachts not far behind

GBR 016 rounds towers

12.50: GBR 016

James Power with crew Gillian Power of the RYA came in 1st in his 9 Formula 18 in 4 hours 4' 30"

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