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History of the MV Fredericia

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The MV Caroline (Fredericia) - Pictures of Radio Caroline's first Offshore Radio Ship

MV Caroline in Greenore Southern Ireland

The Fredericia renamed the MV Caroline in Greenore. Southern Ireland 1964

MV Caroline off the Essex Coast 1964

Radio Caroline off the East Coast of Britain

MV Caroline off the Essex Coast 1964

Radio Caroline off the Essex Coast of Great Britain

MV Caroline off the Essex Coast 1964

Outside of British law she operated with inpunity

MV Caroline Stern

Primarily supplied from Essex

MV Caroline bound for the Irish Sea

13th July 1964 the MV Fredericia/Caroline was towed from the East coast of the British Isles

MV Caroline in Ramsey Bay

The 1st station for the North of Britain Caroline picked up masses of publicity

MV Carolineoff Ramsey Isle of Man

Arriving in the Irish Sea she dropped anchor off the Isle-of-Man re-branding as Caroline North, above the 'Essex Girl' dropping off supplies

MV Carolineoff Ramsey Isle of Man

The ship gained the starboard hull marking whilst off the Isle of Man

She like the Caroline South broadcasting from the MV Mi-Amigo became Caroline International as the Marine Etc Broadcasting Offences Act of 1967 came into force at midnight on 14th August

F8 servicing the Fredericia

The Peel Isle-of-Man Registered Trawler PL8 servicing the Fredericia, number carried by 'Two Girls' since 2008 (Take 2 Archive)

Isle-of-Man & Scottish Registrations

Ceasation of Broadcasts

Skipper authorisation of closedown (Manfred Sommers)

Cutting MV Caroline Anchor March 1968

3rd March 1968 the anchor cable is cut on the MV Fredericia (Manfred Sommers)

DJs onboard: Daffy Don, Fred Beare, Charles Brown, Roger Scott, Jim Gordon & Jim Gordon AKA Guy Blackmoor

Utrecht lays on a tow line

MV Fredericia takes the tow line in Ramsey Bay (Manfred Sommers)

Dragged away by the Wijsmuller Company on the 3rd March 1968 the MV Caroline (Fredericia) under tow by the Utrecht

Utrecht & Nestor

The Utrecht tows the MV Fredericia to Amsterdam with the Nestor (Manfred Sommers)

Maneuvers into lock

Final manoeuvre into the lock

Nestor takes MV Caroline in to Ismuiden, Amsterdam

The MV Fredericia makes her way into Ismuiden, Amsterdam towed by the Nestor

MV Caroline enters lock

Enters the locks at Amsterdam Harbour

She's made her last broadcast & sits silently in Asterdam Harbour

MV Caroline & Mi-Amigo in Amsterdam

Amsterdam Harbour: The Fredericia & Mi-Amigo are laid-up

MV Fredericia/Caroline in Amsterdam Harbour 1968

MV Fredericia/Caroline pictured in October 1968

Wijsmuller Logo

The vessel was never to return to sea

MV Caroline Port Hull Quarter

Portside Stern quarter of the MV Caroline with hull plate pressing 'Fredericia' & Kolding visible

Demasted Hulk of MV Caroline

Bought by Frank Rijsdijk Holland NV, Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht in June 1972

MV Caroline scrapped staboard bow view close up

The Van der Marel shipbrokery & scrapyard Ouwerkerk in the Provence of Zeeland begin breaking the ship

MV Caroline being scrapped staboard bow view

It's a sad end for the pioneer ship of British Offshore Radio

MV Caroline scrapped staboard view close up

Reduced to scrap nothing remains of the proud ship

With grateful thanks to Paul De Haan, Rob Olthof, Hans Knot, Les Woollam (Take 2 Studios) Kenny Tosh & Monitor Magazine for their help in this part of the feature

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