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Radio Caroline on the Mi-Amigo - Part 1

March 1968 both the Mi Amigo & Fredericia seized for non-payment of supply & tendering fees

The Mi Amigo & Fredericia both impounded languished in Amsterdam Harbour Holland

Sadly the larger ship was scrapped but much interest was shown in the fate of the Mi Amigo

With enquiries from far & wide

Ships lifeboat in Port Davits

Eventually the Mi Amigo was put up for sale

Mi Amigo description

Rather than becoming an offshore radio museum by slight of hand by September 1972 she was back at sea

Off Scheveningen Holland in October 1973 with the collapsed mast

Radio Atlantis who's logo can be seen painted on the ships side, were not having their contract renewed so set about finding their own ship the Jeanine

Freshly cleaned up studio with Garrard 401's being the only notable change

Various microphones were tried including the AKG D222

Brian Anderson


Brian Anderson Schools Programme menu (Wednesday 27th February 1974)

Sounding more like early Local Radio than a cutting edge Offshore Pirate

Bob Noakes talks transmitters

Whilst the Buddah generator thumps away

Norman Barrington


Norman Barrington gets to grips with the famous Radio Mi-Amigo Suzy Waffles

Clip is a 'cut-up' Kenny Everett voice over originally for for Kentucky Fried Chicken

Norman Barrington was re-employed on the ship by Sylvian Tack for Radio Mi-Amigo after being dismissed from Caroline for making a Jingle that upset Ronan

This did happen as you have written, but amusingly (for me anyway) since I was still on board the Mi Amigo doing the Mi Amigo tapes & the English show in rotation with Brian Anderson, it was thought sensible to re-instate my Caroline show too! So I remained employed by, & paid by both organisations until I left in 1974 along with Brian. Yours Norman Barrington

This feature will continue in Caroline Mi Amigo - Part 2

Grateful thanks to Richard Palmer, Terry Vacani for their help in producing this item

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