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Radio Caroline

Early pictures of the MV Fredericia & Mi-Amigo

Frederica Oil Painting

Oil painting by Johnn Smith produced representing the Fredericia off the Isle-of-Man

Greenore Ireland

Greenore in the Irish Republic

Fredericia in Holland in 1968

Pictured later in 1968 Project Atlanta's ship the Mi Amigo ahead of Planet Productions Fredericia renamed Caroline after USA President of Irish decent John F Kennedy's daughter

Greenore Hotel

Port gates with the Greenore Hotel behind hardly changed since 1964

Greenore Port

The UK Commercial Radio race to fit out the radio ships went on here in Ronan's father Aodhogan O'Rahilly's Greenore Port in early 1964

Hardly a surprise that Ronan's ship the Caroline was ready first!

Radio Mercur Cheeta 1 off Denmark

Radio Mercur Ship Cheeta I off Denmark (December 1958)

"Flashback" The inspiration for Caroline Radio Mercur broadcasting off Denmark from the Cheeta 1 later to become the first Radio Syd ship

Dave John & Les

Local Irishman Dave meets friends John & Les

Greenore Headland

Greenore Port headland Dave recalling the Fredericia sailing for England

Mi-Amigo on beach at Frinton 1966

Press shot of the Mi Amigo then Caroline South beached at Essex in January 1966 having dragged her anchor in a easterly force 8

The Scandinavian Radio Syd vessel Cheeta 2 was used until April whilst the Mi Amigo was repaired

Brit Wagner, Ronan O'Rahilly & Colin Nicole on Cheeta 2

Britt Wadner owner of Radio Syd with Ronan O'Rahilly & Colin Nicole in the Cheeta 2 studio

Caroline 259 Sticker 1966

The change from 199 to 259 as the Mi Amigo returns in April 1966 with a 50Kw transmitter

Audio: Caroline Request Show with Tony Prince broadcast from the Mi Amigo on 253 & simulcast from the Cheeta on 199

The 253 frequency was to be promoted as 259 to rhyme with the stations name

Fredericia off Isle of Man

Meanwhile the Caroline having sailed around the south coast of Britain & into the Irish Sea broadcasts as Caroline North off the Isle of Man

Fredericia in 1967 off Isle of Man

Pictured above in 1967 with distinctive Caroline signage only along starboard side

Fredericia Bows close up

Whilst port side only had Caroline painted below original Fredericia stamped hull plate pressing

The starboard side name was never repainted

Fredericia Studio 1967

Circa 1967 studio on the Fredericia with Gates Studioette desk one of a similar design still serviceable in 2004 onboard the Ross Revenge

Gates record transcription units, Ampex open reel tape machine, Spotmaster cartridge players & prominent AKG D12 microphone

Don Allen in Fredericia Studio

The late Don Allen in action

Don Allen cues a record

"Daffy" Don cues turntable 2

The superb pictures above taken by John Aston in 1967 on his 1937 Rollicord 1A camera whilst he worked as a news reader on Caroline North

Caroline's Fredericia Bow view

Calmer seas at least for a while as the Caroline ships operate virtually unscathed

Nice one, remember Caroline coming round the coast to the IOM. I used to run a 1kW pirate station in Brighton in the early 60's, all respectable & licensed now! - Andy

Caroline RSL 2004 Sticker

This feature will continue in Caroline in the 70's - Part 1

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Grateful thanks to Johnn Smith, Richard Palmer, Les Woollam, John Thomas, John Aston & Offshore 3 tender mate Harry Maddrell

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