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Dutch Connection

Part 1

With the Dutch station Radio Veronica providing inspiration for British Radio Caroline's founding it's not surprising that a strong link exists throughout the history of Offshore Radio in both countries

Here Leendert Vingerling shares memories, pictures from involvement with Radio Monique

Windy skipper Willy osorts supplies

Wim de Valk with "Windy" skipper Willy sorting out the supplies in Dunkirk

Monique dj's below on Windy

Coffee on the tender "Windy" before leaving, Monique DJ's Dick Verheul, Jan veldkamp, Drs. Wim de Valk, a visitor, skipper Willy

Windy leave Dunkirk

"Windy" departs from Dunkirk on the 8 hour trip to the Ross Revenge

Leendert & Marjo

Leendert & Marjo suppliers for Radio Delmare, Caroline, Monique, & Radio 558


A selection of the Radio Monique Jinges

Ross Revenge close up 1983

Clean as a whistle a 'Ross Revenge' bow (August 23rd 1983)

Crew pulled onto Ross Revenge

Mike Barrington hauls Nico Stevens' girlfriend aboard from the Belgium tender 'Zeemeeuw'

Nico Stevens

Unperturbed Nico Stevens awaits his cue in the newsroom

Supplies on deck of Zeemeeuw

Supplies from the 'Zeemeeuw' now on-board

Radio Monique studio

Radio Monique studio 2 minutes away from her official start

Monique dj's toast start of station

We're on the air - A celebratory toast by Frits Koning, Maarten de Jong, Ad Roberts, Sstation Manager Fred Bolland

Ad Roberts & Nico Volker

On shore Radio Monique's Ad Roberts, station founder Nico Volker doing a Laser Roadshow in Holland

Elly van Amstel

Elly van Amstel Radio Monique's only female DJ

I was amazed that I was called the only female dj on Monique, because I remember Mirjam Verhoef going aboard the Ross. But maybe that was on radio 558, it's a while back.:)You have a very nice picture of me in the Monique studio, can I have a copy please? Yours truly, "Elly" van Amstel

Walter Simons with John Burch

Anoraks United, Walter Simons with a stranded John Burch

Howard Beers tender

Caroline's biggest tender from Howard Beer who later was fined and imprisoned

I enjoy your site, great fun! Greetings from Wim Vriezen aka Wim de Valk (Monique)

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