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Dutch Connection

Part 2

Issue: 1 Updated 26th March 2014

Welcome back for more from Leendert Vingerling's collection of pictures from his involvement with Radio Monique

Caroline, Monique & Laser staff on Ross stern deck

A group gathering on the rear deck of the Ross Revenge with Laser 558, English Radio Caroline and the Radio Monique staff

Ross Revenge bows in 1988

'Ross Revenge' Bow view taken (23rd October 1988)

Very different from the shot shown in Monique part one of this feature clearly showing the rigours of 5 years at anchor

Arie Swets & AD Roberts

Arie Swets with Ad Roberts


Another selection of the Radio Monique Jinges

Monique dj's in mess

Happy together in the mess room, Rob van der Ark (mast rigger) Walter Simons, Gert van de Zee, Ron West & Jan Veldkamp

Monique & Caroline djs on rear deck

Lazy sunny Sunday enjoyed on the rear deck with visitors from Holland

Ross staff in zodiac

Then playtime in the Zodiac for Peter Chicago, Grant Benson, Rob van der Ark

Maarten de Jong works on side of Ross Revenge

Whilst Maarten de Jong finds there's more to being a Monique DJ

Failed fibreglass mast on deck in pieces

The failed fibreglass antenna after melt-down

Fred Bolland & Mike Watts

Monique manager Fred Bolland talking aerials with Caroline engineer Mike Craig aka Mike Watts who for many years had worked as a studio engineer working on songs by the Equals & the classic "Horse with no Name" by America

I've just been looking through some of your pages on the old pirate stations & noticed a picture of Mike Craig in Leenderts Monique 2 & the Mike Bass Tribute I was good friends with Mike in Herne Bay around twenty five years ago but lost touch with him when I moved to the USA. Do you know of his whereabouts or how he is doing these days if you have any info I would appreciate it. Many Thanks.Chris Palmer

We've also lost contact with Mike if you've detail please email & we'll re-unite Chris & Mike

Wilem v.d Brink

Radio 558 manager Wilem v.d Brink considers what to do with the debris

Mock up with Samantha Dubois Leo Tromp

Computer Paintshop Magic - Former Mi-Amigo Caroline girl the late Samantha Dubois in the record library with tender crew Theo Tromp!

Always a popular bubbly person to be around Ellen sadly died of liver cancer on 2nd October 1992

See Samantha in the Caroline Roll Call

Christmas dinner 1984

Festive cheer over Christmas dinner celebrated on the Ross Revenge with Radio Monique, Radio Caroline & the tender crew in 1984

1989 raid studio gear on deck

By the summer of 1989 it is all over now, the ship had been raided by Dutch & British authorities & stripped of her broadcasting gear

Arie Swets on dutch tv

Arie Swets interviewed amongst the carnage by Dutch TV

Volans returns from raid

For Radio Monique the story really was over Caroline was to re-build & struggle on until 1990 when the Sea Bill outlawed further activities from the high seas

This double feature was produced in accociation Leendert Vingerling

Just found Monique 2, there is so much to look through on your site! Thanks again. Chris Palmer Monticello NY USA

Thanks for your updates, I will look forward to them. I'm very interested in photos of female offshore presenters ...I love the one of Samantha, what a shame we lost her. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of Caroline's tenders along side the Mi Amigo/Ross Revenge and in harbours. I'm fascinated with fishing trawlers and harbours, last month I was on holiday at my favorite seaside town - Weymouth in Dorset, it was great chilling out on the harbour, looking at the trawlers, listening to great music on my cd walkman and catching live music around the habour pubs. Its a shame when Caroline people fall out and end up leaving the station, a few years ago I fell out with Malcolm over the way the Ross was not being used at all, but we have since patched things up, but I will always stand by my views that programmes should come from the Ross even if they are recorded, its only fair on the supporters who give their money to renovating the ship and the good people at the Northern repair group. Keep up the great work, cheers for now - Paul

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