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Aboard Red Sands

Part Two of the double feature of pictures taken from the roof & inside Bofors Gun Tower in 2003

Stairs to Intermediate Level of Bofors Tower

Stairs down to intermediate floor


David Allen on the Jim Reeves Show July 1967

Intermediate Level

Intermediate floor with crane operative window & open doors right

Intermediate Level & Crane operative hatch

Crane operative hatch to left of crane jib above open door

Greta through open door

Barge "Greta" from open door

Intermediate level interior

The interior has started to deteriorate further

Broken fixtures

Broken internal fittings & fixtures on intermediate floor

Looking towards G1 from Bofors Tower

Outside open door on intermediate floor looking towards G1 Gun Tower

Note part of Red Sands Development Corporation Signage showing on door

Crane Jib

Underside of crane jib arm outside intermediate level door

Control G3 & 4 Towers

Control, G3 & 4 Gun Towers

G2, 3 & Control Towers

G2, G3 & Control Towers

Intermediate level crane jib

Intermediate floor with cable dangling from crane jib arm

G2, 3 & Control Towers

G2, 3 & Control Towers

Interior intermediate level

Interior intermediate floor

Control, G2 & 3 from intermediate leve

Control, G2 & 3 Towers from intermediate level window

Control G4 & 1 Towers

Control, G4 & 1 Towers

Top of stairs to bottom level

Top of stairs on intermediate floor looking down to bottom level

Bottom level looking south through door

Bottom floor looking South out onto walkway

Interior of lower level

Interior lower level

Looking south towards Herne Bay

"Greta" passes South Whitstable/Herne Bay coastline in background

Control, G4 & 1 Towers

On bottom floor walkway outside door with Control G4 & G1 Gun Towers

G4 & 1 Towers

G4 & G1 Gun Towers

Interior lower level

Skeletal Critall window frames

Heating plant

Heating plant & control valve

Interior lower level

Room with a view?

Ratings Bathroom on lower level

Ratings bathroom on lower level

Interior lower level

With the glass having fallen out of the rusting window frames

Greta sailing at sunset

End of a fine exploration of Red Sands "Greta" heads for home

Congratulations on the site update, the pictures inside the Tower are very interesting, glad you made it back in one piece. I liked the bit on Seatribe & have visited the website for the Red Sands Project. They have a lot of good wishes but not by the look of it cash, probably the main requisite, time will tell no doubt. Having filmed out of one of the Air Industries blimps, more years ago than I care to mention as it flew over Red Sands I was wondering how people will get out? Incidentally flew from Southend by helicopter for camera trials using an early hand-held video camera attached to a multi-mount, more often used with a Panavision camera than an EMI! Our flight path took us over the Mi Amigo - which was a bit of a treat. I wonder where the films are now?
Congratulations on a splendid job keeping us all informed. Derek Smith

Okay Bob, Aboard Red Sands I give up, how did you get up on the tower? Off the topmast or sprit of the Greta? Dave Parry

You sure know how to stir up the envy in my fort 'anorak', I have just looked at your new Aboard Red Sands entry & now eagerly await the next. The forts have long been an interest of mine & your Sealand VCD went some way to satisfying the curiosity about what being on board the forts is like today, but now you've gone and stirred me up again with Red Sands. Regards, Mike Cox

Thoroughly enjoyed looking at the photos of your Radio City reunion, it's nice to know that the union of old friends is still alive and well 40 years on. Aboard Redsands part 2 was great too. Regards, Steve - Ealing

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