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Red Sands Rendezvous

Issue 1 : Updated : 8th November 2007

Barge Greta at Red Sands

The Thames barge "Greta" at Red Sands in August 2001

Kept at Standard Quay Faversham she spends the summer in Whitstable Harbour

For details & to book cruises to see the sights of the Thames Estuary & North Kent Coast see Boat Trips

For more on Faversham see the town website

Grounded in 1943 at 5 nautical miles from the nearest land, Wardens Point on the Isle-of-Sheppey, & 7 miles from Whitstable a later supply port. The Forts were built to defend the Thames approaches & London. Abandoned by the MoD in 1956 Red Sands Army Forts became home to Radio Invicta, K.I.N.G & Radio 390 between 1964 & 1967

See Red Romance for the detail

Red Sands fort cluster

Red Sands fort cluster MoD code name U6 ("Uncle 6") looking North: Foreground & flanked right 3.7 Gun Towers, Centre Control Tower, 3.7 Gun Tower & at the rear Searchlight Tower containing original Gardner generators used by the forts "Pirate" stations


Montage from Red Sands Army Fort echoes from 1943, 1960's and the Seagull that have made it their home

For a range of books on the building of the Army & Navy Forts go to Offshore Shop

Red Sands 3.7 gun tower Red Sands 3.7 gun tower

3.7 Gun Towers

Red Sands Bofors tower

Bofors Gun Tower

Red Sands control tower

Control Tower

Red Sands cluster close up

Fort cluster close up

Red Sands searchlight tower

Searchlight Tower

Red Sands Development Company writen on fort Red Sands Development writen

Still evidence of the 1967 aborted Red Sands Development Company

More Red Sands Development

The Towers fall silent again

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There are some pictures from one of Radio 390's senior announcers Edward Coles photo albums in The Pirate Hall of Fame

Greta sails back to port

Greta sets sail back to Whitstable harbour

Trips to the Maunsell Sea Forts are arranged throughout the summer from Herne Bay & Whitstable in Kent

For details & to book cruises to see the sights of the Thames Estuary & North Kent Coast see Boat Trips

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