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Red Sands 40 - Part 2

To mark the anniversary of the last programme from the Red Sands & after 40 years the new broadcast beginnings of Red Sands Radio from Army Fort

Pin-Up - David Wright's favourite model

From 1941 a Pin Up of David Wright's favourite model published throughout the 1940's in the Sketch Magazine

Radio 390

An idyllc scene the Red Sands Fort on a sea of glass Radio 390 in 1967

Aboard Radio 390 Tender

Making for Red Sands Fort in the final days of Radio 390 in 1967 aboard Vic Davies tender the 'Mullard' F19

Press Release #8

Press Release 8 - PDF File - 1st July 2007

Red Sands Forts in 1968

By 1968 Seatribe had arrived at Red Sands Fort with plans to develop the old Fort complex into a rest haven

Control G3 & 4 Towers

In between Gun Tower G1 & Control Tower looking towards G3 & G4

Pin-Up - Just Wright 1

"Just Wright 1" 1940's Pin-Up by artist David Wright

Press Release #9

Press Release 9 - PDF File - 2nd July 2007

Red Sands Forts in 1969

Paul Peters a Radio Essex 222 original DJ on a visit in 1969 leaving the Fort at night

Red Sands Forts in 1969

The final view pulling away from the Fort, note trawl boards on fishing boat

Above two pictures were taken from enhanced 35mm colour slides

Taking kit aboard Red Sands Fort

Project Redsands taking equipment aboard

Press Release #10

Press Release 10 - PDF File - 9th July 2007

Taking kit aboard Red Sands Fort

Tendering made easier with the replacement landing stage manufactured & fitted by Mowlem Marine

Red Sands Fort summer 2006

Red Sands Fort in late summer 2006

Press Release #11

Final Press Release 11 - PDF File - 11th July 2007

Pin-Up - Just Wright 2

Called "Just Wright 2" the final Pin-Up by artist David Wright

Thanks to Martin Stevens, Terry Palfrey, Neil Edwards & Brian Adams for their help in producing this feature

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