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Aboard Red Sands Fort

Part One of a double feature of pictures taken from the roof & inside Bofors Gun Tower in 2003

Red Sands Forts 2003

Red Sand Towers appear out of the morning haze

Red Sands Forts 2003

The sun soon burns off the sea mist


Radio 390 Jonathan Hall on 'Melody Fair'

G2, 3 & 4

Passing close to G2, 3 & 4 3.7 Gun Towers

Looking up to roof of Bofors Tower

Looking back up from top of stair well

Bofors roof stairs

Stairs to intermediate floor from Bofors Tower roof

Bofors Tower Roof

The roof of Bofors Tower

From roof of Bofors Tower

On the Bofors Tower roof looking down at Control & G3 & 4 Towers

The layout of the Thames Army Forts can be seen in Sutch & City Part 1

Control, G3 & 4

Control, G3 & 4 Gun Towers

Bofors roof

Bofors Tower roof looking North West to the Medway & Thames approaches

Bofors floor plans can be seen in Sutch & City Part 7

Bofors roof detail

Bofors Gun mount position on West wing with the Isle-of-Sheppey in background

Bofors roof gun mount detail

Bofors Gun mount on West wing


G2 Gun Tower

Control, G2 & 3

From the Bofors Tower: Control, G2 & G3 Gun Towers looking North East

SB Greta off Searchlight Tower

Barge "Greta" passes North Searchlight Tower


G2 Gun Tower

Bofors Tower roof top debris

Close up of debris on Bofors Gun Tower roof

G2, 3 & Control Towers

Speed boats & their wash with barge "Greta" by Gun Towers G2, G3 & the Control Tower

SB Greta by North Red Sands Buoy

"Greta" passes the port hand North Red Sands Fort Buoy

Control, G3 & 4

Looking East: Control, G3, G4 Gun Towers with "Greta" Topsa'l showing

Close up of roof top debris on Bofors Tower

Debris close up on Bofors Gun Tower roof

Control & G3

Control & G3 Towers

Searchlight & G2 Towers

Flat calm with plenty of small boats around Searchlight & G2 Gun Tower

Searchlight & G2 Towers

Searchlight & G2 Towers

Searchlight Tower

Searchlight Tower

Bofors roof top

View of "Greta" topsa'l before descending

Venture inside the Bofors Tower in Red Sands 2003 Part Two

For news on the Red Sands preservation project see Seatribe

Just to let you know that I keep an eye on your site. The latest Aboard Red Sands pictorial is great, I am on the Minster cliffs and it is fascinating to see Red and Shivering still looking so inviting. The radio history of those forts adds to the mystery, we tried to board one in the way back from a Mi Amigo dive but were reported to the police due to the fact that it was the one with the PLO coastguard telemetry! Ray Copeland

Aboard Red Sands How the hell did you get on the Forts? I work on Foulness Island Essex and see them every day! I've always wanted to have a look on them. I have been around the forts via the Waverley & Balmoral Great photos Dave Bullock

Well done once again interesting stuff as usual. Aboard Red Sands the water looks so calm around the forts, but it must have been quite scary for the presenters in the middle of winter though! Nice audio of Jonathan Hall (very posh) Steve Hibbert, Ealing, London.

Thanks for the pictures of Aboard Red Sands much appreciated. I 've worked out the boarding bit you're spiderman in disguise! With best wishes Tom

Like your site and will be ordering a couple of bits from it in the near future.Good pictures of Red Sands and am looking forward to the 'downstairs' bits when they appear - DS

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