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The SS Richard Montgomery

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Issue: 6 Updated: 18th February 2019

Wreck Montgomery Masts Doomsday wreck heading Wreck Montgomery Masts

The Richard Montgomery The Doomsday Wreck

Much has been written on the WWII liberty ship, this compilation brings together, newspaper pictures, a contemporary report along with our archive pictures

SS Richard Montgomery 1943

The 'Richard Montgomery' at anchor in 1943

Just a year old she'd anchored off Southend ready to join a convoy to Cherbourg, France

Liberty Ship Line Drawing

Line Drawing of a Liberty Ship

Large Image

SS Richard Montgomery Steaming

The 'Richard Montgomery' steaming in 1943

SS Richard Montomery

The 'Richard Montgomery' at speed in 1944

SS Richard Montgomery

The 'Richard Montgomery' underway in 1944

Sketch SS Richard Montgomery

Sketch of The 'Richard Montgomery' after going aground on the Nore in 1944

Instructed to move and moor at to the middle sands on the 20th August she subsequently dragged her anchor and went aground on the Nore Sand Bank

Generally trimmed to 28' but on this occasion laden with 6,127 tons of munitions 31' she broke her back in 24' of water

Previously published documentation click to view large images

Cargo Log Page 1 : Page 2 dated 8th August 1943 : Report dated 21st August 1944 : Rescue dated 21st August 1944 : Memorandum dated 1st September 1944 : Dry Dock dated 2nd September 1944

US Treasury

US Treasury Report

Salvage dated January 1945 : Lost Report dated 12th March 1945 : US Treasury : American Consul dated 10 June 1948

SS Richard Montgomery Stern Naval personel survey wreck

SS 'Richard Montgomery' Stern 1944
Naval personel survey the wreck 1944

A personal account Page 1 : 2 : 3 : 4

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery undated

Wreck undated

SS Richard Montgomery cargo hold plans

The Richard Montgomery cargo hold plan

Wreck Undated

Wreck undated

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery 1970's 1

The 'Richard Montgomery' preparation to survey in the 1970's

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery dive 1970's

The 'Richard Montgomery' dive survey in the early 1970's

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery mast detail 1970's

The 'Richard Montgomery' mast detail in the early 1970's

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery mast detail 1980's

The 'Richard Montgomery' survey in the early 1970's

Diver at SS Montgomery wreck

The 'Richard Montgomery' Dive Survey in the early 1970's

Survey 1981 Survey Divers 1981

'Richard Montgomery' Diver Survey 1981 (Len King - Sheppey History*)

Previously published by Len King on Social Media, click on Photographs for large images

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery late 1980's 1

The wreck in the late 1989

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery late 1980's 2

The wreck in the late 1989

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery late 1980's 3

The wreck in the late 1989

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery late 1980's 4

The wreck in the late 1989

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery sonar image 2002

Sonar images 2002 (Archaeological Diving Unit, St Andrews University)

New Scientist report 1

New Scientist report 2 New Scientist report 3

New Scientist Report 21st August 2004

Download Large Image of full article Page 36 : Page 37

Wreck Montgomery Masts

The 'Richard Montgomery' mast detail 2004

SS Richard Montgomory masts close up

The 'Richard Montgomery' close up of masts 2004

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery 2005

Passing the wreck on a visit to Red Sands in September 2005

Wreck SS Richard Montgomery sonar 2006

Sonar image 2006 (MCA)

Wreck 7th August 2007

The Wreck on 7th August 2007

Wreck 15th September 2007

The Wreck on 15th September 2007

Taken on the way to the Red Sands Fort for the Whitstable Yacht Club Round Forts Race 2007

Mail on Sunday 3rd January 2016

Mail on Sunday 3rd January 2016

Sonar of wreck

Sonar of wreck

SS Montgomery September 2017

SS Montgomery wreck September 2017 (Amanda Marie Gray)

Wreck site

Wreck site

Sons of Alpha Centauri CD 1 Sons of Alpha Centauri CD 2

Sons of Alpha Centauri CD case front
Sons of Alpha Centauri CD case 3rd gatefold insert

Audio Break

Recorded in 2007 one of 12 atmospheric mood tracks by Sons of Alpha Centauri - SS Montgomery

Sons of Alpha Centauri CD 3

Sons of Alpha Centauri CD case 1st gatefold insert

Sons of Alpha Centauri are an Instrumental Riff/Progressive/Alternative Rock Band from Swale (Kent)

The track 'S.S Montgomery' was recorded live at the Yacht Club, Sheerness

Their Album also called Sons of Centauri - SD006CD on Sound Devestation Records was released in the winter of 2007 and featured on Red Sands Radio in 2008

Further tracks from Sons of Centauri can be heard in Sealand Fire - Part 2 : Red Sands Radio - Part 15

Many thanks to the contributions to this feature, we have where traceable credited photographs and finds

01/01/2011 - Particular interest in the 'Richard Montgomery' piece as I was Sheppey born and bred. I remember that the ship was always talked about and probably how dangerous it was with the cargo it had aboard. There used to be trips around the wreck, for what seemed a lot out of my pocket money, but by today's standard probably sounds a pittance - Mel Bayes

With grateful thanks to The New Scientist : The Maritime Coastguard Agency (MCA) : Mail on Sunday, Archaeological Diving Unit, St Andrews University, Nick Hannon and the Sons of Alpha Centauri, Len King (Sheppey History) the Crews of 'Calaboose' and 'X-Pilot'

More reading and survey reports at 'SS Richard Montgomery' MCA Surveys

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