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Radio Sutch & City in Pictures & Audio

Part 6

Updated: 24th November 2008 Issue: 1

Some more rare pictures & audio dug out of the archive

Listener Cartoon Poster

Radio City studio on Shivering Sands Army Forts depicted in a listener cartoon

Engineers conflab

Meeting in the transmitter room Johnny Evlin, Dick Dixon, Chris Cross & Paul Elvey

299 metres had failed to penetrate London after dark religious advertisers demanded action be taken with the threat of withdrawing their programmes

Transmitter Room

Since their advertising kept the station going it was Hobson's Choice the additional transmitter a Cossor left joins the General Electric 299 unit

Chris Cross & Paul Elvey

Chris Cross with Paul Elvey by the 188 metre Cossor transmitter that provided an additional output for Radio City's religious service

Shivering Sands South Buoy

Shivering Sands South Buoy viewed from the tender

Reg Calvert & Paul Elvey

Reg Calvert being hauled up on the 1 ton electric hoist with Paul Elvey in the background

Dick Dixon with old Radio Sutch TX

Dick Dixon by the old Radio Sutch transmitter used to communicate with shore under the call sign of Pigeon-Blackbird

We all thought the shore link call sign was Pagen-Blackwell, the misinterpretation due to Reg's Northern dialect. Hear that story & more on the documentary CD Tower of Power available from the Offshore Shop

Reg Calvert is pictured by this transmitter in Sutch & City Part 1 & a more detailed picture of the transmitter can be seen in Sutch & City part 4

Peggy Knight

Publicity stunt as Peggy Knight became a DJ for about 2 minutes!

Port of London Authority

Trouble looming

PLA Interference

Port of London Authority (PoLA)

PLA Interference

Letter from their own files

Tom Edwards

"Tatty" Tom Edwards publicity photograph from 1966

Radio City Blue Poster

299 by now had became the Tower of Power with Ian West & Phil Perkins performing miracles modifying the limited equipment

Shivering Sands in 1967

Ship-shape & tidy the final days of Radio City on Shivering Sands

Radio City's Tower

Big mast & the "Jungle Walk" in use between the Southern G1 Gun Tower & the Control Tower

Note the jib arm lanterns that were later removed by Roy Bates after the close down whilst City still had a caretaker crew aboard

They were later noticed in a second hand shop in Avenue Road Southend for sale at £300 each!

Audio Break

Ian MacRae programme trailer & Alan Clark voices his own show introduction

Alan Clark

Alan Clark publicity picture from 1966

Alan was partner in crime to Ian MacRae "with the hits of the day" on the Auntie Mable Hour

Alan a long time journalist on Southern Region TV is married to Peterborough MP Helen Clark

Reception Report

Reception report from Finland

Reception Report

Radio City like the other fort based stations received many reports from the Scandinavian Countries that all enjoyed extraordinary reception after dark

Radio City 1967 QSL Card

"The Last Round Up"

Final QSL Card depicting the final line-up clockwise from left: Alan Clark, Tom Edwards, Paul Kramer, Phil Jay, Ed Moreno, Ian MacRae & Eric Martin, no relation to Eric K Martin station manager

Ian MacRae in 2005

These days Ian MacRae above runs a successful school of radio in native Australia

Gravesend Dockers aboard Shivering Sands

June 1966 the beginnings of the end

National Press picture of the Gravesend dockers in the transmitter room who'd shut down Radio City & secured Shivering Sands Fort

Raiders leave Shivering Sands

The electric 1 ton hoist on the G1 Southern Gun Tower lowered as the raiders leave

Following the death of Reg Calvert his widow Dorothy took over the station until February 1967 when Radio City closed for the last time having been fined for broadcasting within the territorial limit. But the Shivering Sands Fort continued to have visitors & squatters until 1969

Press Picture of Janet Hooper

Local press picture of Janet Hooper on former Radio City boyfriend Dick Dixon's Norton that he still owns

The picture accompanied an article after she became stranded on Shivering Sands looking over the fort with Dick after the station had closed down in August 1967

Couldn't have put her off she was to become Dick's wife!

Hippy's on Fort Press Cutting

Whitstable Times Headlines 6th June 1969 as the Radio City Fort is taken over - again

Hit Parade June 1969

Record Centre the former Radio City office Top 10 Chart from same paper

Penny Towsend-Jones & Dennis Swinerton

Herne Bay Press covers the story as former City DJ Dennis Swinnerton AKA Alex Dee with Penny Towsend-Jones are named in planned residential Fort commune

Water Colour by of Shivering Sands by Peter Hudson

A contemporary water colour of Shivering Sands in 1996 by Peter Hudson

Shivering Sands from Tankerton in 2003

Many have noticed the appearance of a mast in 2003!

Deceptively it's not actually on Shivering Sands but the Wind Farm weather monitoring mast 5 miles off the coast on the Kentish Flats

See Greta 2 for close up pictures

Shivering Sands from Hampton in 2003

Shivering Sands from Hampton's ancient pier remains & marker buoy taken in March 2003

The Wind Farm mast left clearly on the Kentish Flats

See Greta 2 for close up pictures

Shivering Sands & Herne Bay Pier

Shivering Sands behind Herne Bay pier head the remains isolated after a storm in 1978

A feasibility study is being considered to restore the pier to it's former glory

The story will continue in Sutch & City Part 7

For a surname A-Z biograghy of the Radio Sutch & City Jocks The Pirate Hall of Fame

When I was a teenage would be pop-pirate, I went out to Shivering Sands Fort with friends & boarded it via ladders which led to a trap door. The thought of that now makes me cringe! On a more recent sailing trip we passed Red Sands and noticed all the catwalks & ladders had been dismantled.Which begs a question. How the hell did you get on the roof? Was there any sign of a radio station inside the fort? Kind regards Tom Lees Ascot, Berks

Great section in your scrapbook on Radio City - thanks a lot! Keith

Trade secret Tom, see Fort Fax for the detail on how the forts are today & what's not left inside

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