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Letter D

Ross Revenge Stern

'Kicking' up a bit Ross Revenge stern lifts in the swell

Steve Dack - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2004, occasional satellite programmes from 2004

Paul Dale - Austrian Radio Engineer real name Paul Valino based at Caroline House, died in 1998, belived to have introduced Countymen Josef Arch & Manfred Sommer to Caroline 1964

Robbie Dale

Robbie Dale in the Mi-Amigo studio 1966

Robbie Dale Robbie Dale 1977

Robbie Dale in 1967
Robbie Dale in 1977

Robbie Dale - South, International (M) 1966 - 1968

Robbie's career is well documented he's now (2009) retired from radio & now runs a holiday village in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands

Gerard Van Dam, Peter Chicago

Gerard Van Dam & Peter Chicago lounge/mess Ross revenge 1983

Gerard Van Dam/Van Der Zee supplies & tendering - 70's Caroline (M) Dutch 1972 - 1974, 80's Caroline (R) 1984 - 1986

Peter Van Dam/Bryan - 80's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972

Maurice the Dancer

Rick Dane Rick Dane

Rick Dane on Caroline South 1966

Rick Dane - North (F) & South (M) 1966 - 1967

Bill Danse

Pat Danton

Jerry Davis

Rod Davis - Ross Revenge Restoration Crew from 2005

Francis Day

James Day

James Day

James Day - 80's Caroline (R) 1st May - 29th July 1985

Worked at Reveira Radio, Channel Travel Radio, Medway FM & Red Sands Radio

Jonathan Day

Caroline Roadshow Programme

Robbie Day - Roadshow

Rob spent most of his time in the background in addition to organising supplies, tendering, promotions he appeared at the Caroline Rock Roadshows with Brian Martin & Harvey the Rabbit

Roger Day

Roger Day 3rd right on the Mi-Amigo 1967

Roger Day - South, International (M) 1967 - 1968, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

Mark Dazzani - Caroline South from the Italian Rivera Satellite from 2001

Paul Dekcland - 90's Caroline (R) 22nd October - 4th November 1990

Ronnie Dee

Simon Dee Simon Dee

Simon Dee Caroline publicity shot 1964
Simon Dee makes the stroll from the studio on the Fredericia 1964

Simon Dee & Chief Engineer

Simon Dee with Chief Engineer Jan Gunnarsson in 1964

Simon Dee - 1st Caroline then South (F) then (M) 1964 - 1965

Two Swedes and former radio engineers at Radio Nord were aboard the MV Caroline/Fredericia from the start as alternating Chief Engineers, they where Ove Sjöström and Jan Gunnarsson - Hakan Widenstedt, Sweden

Mi-Amigo in the mid-1970's

The Mi-Amigo in the mid 1970's

Tom Dekker - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

Clive Derick - 2013

Began on the Voice of Peace then ABC in Ireland

Mark Dezzani - Internet

Lives in Seborga in Italy, worked at Radio Nova International. Was a founding member of Sunshine Radio Antibes, joined Riviera Radio in Monaco. Mark formed the TV & video production company Europa Productions in 1998 producing documentaries, TV news reports & corporate video. Went to Caroline in 2009

Radio Caroline 2000 Card

Stephen Diamond

Steve Diamond

Mark Dickson

Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon

Mike Dixon/Kerslake/Coconut - 90's Caroline (R) 25th December 1987 - 1989

Monique Van Dijk - (M) 1979

Monique Van Dijk was Bob Lawrence's girlfriend & went out with him for Christmas '79. Bob's says "We ran out of Dutch speakers onboard, apart from Ad Roberts, the English guys did some of the 'cloggie' shows but as she was Dutch & spoke it better than any of us she did some news reading & presentation

Stuart Dobson

Stuart Dobson

Stuart Dobson

Stuart Dobson

Stuart Dobson - 90's Caroline (R) Mechanical Engineer 1991

Also worked on Radio Northsea International from 1999

Ron Dolman

Ron Dolman (Martin Stevens)

Ron Dolman - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

MV Caroline off Essex in 1964 1

Radio Caroline on the MV Fredericia off Felixtowe, Essex in 1964 (Dilys Calver)

MV Caroline off Essex in 1964 2

MV Fredericia Portside with unknow figures on top house (Dilys Calver)

MV Caroline off Essex in 1964 3

Light aircraft flyby of MV Fredericia (Dilys Calver)

MV Caroline off Essex in 1964 4

Leaving the MV Fredericia (Dilys Calver)

Annette Downey - Caroline House, Traffic Secretary 1964 - 1967

Theo Van Doorn

Chris Drummond

Paul Dubois

Paul Dubois (Martin Stevens)

Paul Dubois - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1972 - 1973

Samantha Dubois

Samantha Dubois at Flashback '67 in 1977

Samantha Dubois - 70's/80's Caroline (M) 1973 - 1978 & (R) 1984

Netherlands born Ellen Kraal aka Samantha Dubois's distinctive accent was a result of learning English whilst growing up in New Zealand, girlfiend of Peter Chicago she initially helped out as a cook

Introducing herself to listeners on 3rd March 1973 as 'Ellen the cook' during the 3-6am overnight graveyard slot

Fined for her involvement with Caroline by the Dutch on 12th January 1977 she never the less re-joined to the ship in March leaving in 1978

Samantha did one more 2 month stint in 1984 before getting married & departing for New Zealand, later giving birth to son 'Luke' on 18th September 1991

Always a popular bubbly person to be around Ellen sadly died of liver cancer on 2nd October 1992

See Samantha in Monique 2

Robbie Duke

Billie Dukes

Gerry Duncan 1964

Gerry Duncan Caroline publicity shot 1964

Gerry Duncan - 1st Caroline (F) then South (M) then Caroline House as Commercial Producer 1964 - 1967

Mike Dundee - 90's Caroline (R) Generator Engineer 1987 - 1988

Malcolm Dunn

Al Dupress - Internet

Part of launch team of Viking Gold in Hull, now a Caroline commercial V/O

John Dwyer

John Dwyer in the Overdrive studio Ross Revenge 1986

John Dwyer - 80's Caroline (R) May- December 1986

Mi-Amigo in the mid-1970's

Stern of the M-Amigo in the 1970's

Peter Van Dyken - 70's Dutch Caroline (M) 1973

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