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Radio Essex 2003 Reunion

Issue 7 : Updated : 5th February 2016

Contemporary photographs of a Radio Essex reunion at The Vines Highgate Road London NW5 on October 8th 2003

Mark Wesley, Dick Palmer

36. Amongst the first to join Radio Essex Mark Wesley aka Mark West & Dick (Richard) Palmer above helping Dick read the menu at the 2003 party

Dick Plamer, Gerry Zierler

37. Dick Palmer & Gerry Zierler aka Guy Hamilton

For Radio Essex pictures from Guy Hamilton's photo album see The Pirate Hall of Fame

Roger Scott

38. Greg Bance aka Roger Scott

The hand gesture says it all , you know that I'm celebrating don't you!

Gerry Zierler

39. Greg's last link forces 'good guy' Gerry to the bottle

Roma Zierler, Michael Cane & Rosemary Cadier

40. Andy Cadier aka Michael Cane on Radio Essex, later Martin Kayne on Caroline North, 355, & RNI with wife Rosemary right & Gerry's wife Roma left

Martin Kayne signature

Martin Kayne & Rosemary Cadier

41. Martin Kayne back on the air covering the Hythe Venetian Festival in Kent July 2003

Greg Bance, Christine & John Hatt

42. Christine & John Hatt, with Greg

"Oh by the way John, today's a bit of a special one you know"

Ian Stroud

43. The late Ian Stroud aka Tony Mandell

Tony Mandell signature

Kerry & Greg Bance

44. Don't look now Kerry but Bob's getting his wallet out!

Another Beer

45. Tony on orange juice but Dick Dixon & Greg looking expectant at the thought of another round

Grub Up

46. Greg clearly pleased that the reunion & his combined 'Birthday Bash' going well

Dick Dixon & Palmer

47. Radio Essex & BBMS 'Double Dick' - Dixon & Palmer

Tony Mandell, Mark Wesley

48. Tony getting a lick & promise from Mark

Dick Palmer

49. A well known figure these days at the 'Zap' Brighton's 'Pussy Cat Club' Dick showing what cool clubber's wear

Vine Girl

50. Pictured above the girl who became Carley for the night

Thanks to James, Sebastian, & the girls at "The Vine" for looking after us

Greg Bance

51. Greg reflects on a good day & reaching the ripe age of 55

Today's 2 double 2 crew Kerry & birthday boy Greg Bance (Roger Scott), Roma & Gerry Zierler (Guy Hamilton) Christine & John Hatt (Chris Stewart) Richard E Dickason (Dick Dixon) Dick (Richard) Palmer, Mark Wesley (Mark West) Rosemary & Andy Cadier (Michael Cane) Ian Stroud (Tony Mandell)

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With grateful thanks to Francois Lhote for his help producing this feature

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