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South Coast Radio

Part two of a feature on one of Ireland's independant free stations with a fleeting glance at some of their competition

SCR launch flyer

Split for easy viewing

SCR launch flyer

The SCR Launch Poster

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Nova headed paper

To find out more about Radio Nova go to the Nova Jingles

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Southside Radio headed paper

ERI studio

The ERI Studio


ERI Radio DJ links how many do you remember?

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Answers at the end of the page

Terry Vacani

Terry opens a pot on the ERI Gates desk

Ian Richards

Ian Richards the overnight host on ERI sorting singles

Paul Graham

Paul Graham in the ERI studio

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Paul Graham

See Big L 1997 : Radio London 2001

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South Coast Radio DJ links how many do you remember?

Don Harris

South Coast Radio first birthday celebrations

Salesman Don Harris on stage with the cake but who is he?

Tom Joyce Henches barmaid

Tom Joyce Managing Director of SCR with Barmaid from Henches Bar below the studios

I was trilled to see some what a great job that you have done on the website for SCR & ERI. I am writing to you is to ask you if you would send me some pictures of Tom Joyce. You may have heard Tom passed away on Monday 2nd of May & I'm putting together as many photos as I can for Anne Joyce. If you can help in any way I would be most grateful.

Regards Anthony Connolly - Tentsaf Technology Ltd

Pictures supplied with compliments - BLR

Jackie with friend

Jackie, Keith York's girlfriend with right Nick Richards girlfriend

Jim Lockhart & Siobhan Wall

Newsman Jim Lockhart with Siobhan Wall

Cake cutting

Terry cuts the second SCR birthday celebration cake with Tom Joyce and his wife

Geraldine & Hugh Browne

Hugh Browne with then girlfriend Geraldine

Incredible pictures and words !!!

I really enjoyed being transported back to the past, by the way the salesman with the birthday cake is Don Harris. Thanks for the memories - Hugh Browne

Little Nick Richards & Tony Allan

Nick Richards with Tony Allan camping it up

Hugh Browne & Geraldine

Hugh Brown and a lady friend Geraldine again

SCR Rate card cover

Geraldine & Hugh Browne get intimate

Hugh Browne giving mouth to mouth

Nick Richards Tony Allan

Nick Richards with girlfriend amused at Tony Allan's inflatable friend

SCR group picture

Irish Canadian Peter Marr Sales Director with girlfriend in background

Don Stevens sister in law & wife, right unknown, and Tom Joyce's wife in the foreground


Deserted newsroom

Tony Allan & friends

Tony Allan friends of girls in a gaggle

SRC TX site 2 SCR 2nd TX

The other transmitter site on a farm outside Cork City airport

Antenna Kieth York by TX

Keith York in the transmitter hut

Close up of ET 4336 TX

Transmitter ET 4336 control panel

Compressor & Eagle tuner/amp

Compressor with Eagle tuner amplifier

Save SCR sticker

25 watt link TX

25 watt FM link transmitter outside the studio

Nick Richards

Whilst it's

Nick Richards

Back to work

Nick Richards

for little Nick Richards

Terry Vacani

Terry prepares a cart' for playout

Paul Graham

Paul Graham

Tape editing Kieth York & Stevie Dunne

Quarter inch tape editing overseen by Stevie Dunne

Paul Graham

Different day problem sorted

SCR recording studio card

Terry Vacani

Grateful thanks to all those who've provided material and information for this feature, especially Terry Vacani

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Answers to the DJ Links

The Leprechauns on ERI were Bob Kingsley, Don Allen, Andy Hewkin, Andy Archer & Paul Graham

Whilst the Irish Pixies on South Coast Radio were John Kenny, Nick Richards, Peter Madison, Andy Hawkin & Paul Graham

If we've omitted yours, a colleagues or friends name we'd love to hear from you

For the full adventure see SCR Part 1

Just a quick line to say that your South Coast Radio features brought back many memories as I lived and still do about 600metres away from Henchy's pub where the station was based. A few updates which may be of interest to you. Newsreader Jim Lockhart now hosts the mid morning phone in show on 96fm under his real name Neil Prenderville. Nick Richards host the breakfast show on the same station. Tom Joyce is a local counciller and is involved in a lot of business ventures.Peter Maher who had been a very successful underage athlete when back running after he left South Coast. Many of his SCR colleagues may be surprised at this as he was a big man to say the least. However he shed several stone, went back training and represented Ireland in the marathon at the 1988 Olympics in Souel. He also ran several time in the New York and London marathons. Peter still lives locally. I saw an advert lately in the local paper for some venture that Peter is involved but I cant for the life of me remember what it was ! Finally John Kenny is a sports reporter on RTE radio

SCR mast at Adeliade Place in 1982

I came accross these recently which may be interest above is a view of the aerial at 7 Adeliade Place, St Lukes Cross, Cork where the 2nd SCR studios were located. When the station came on air in early 1982 it broadcast from studios in The Metropole Hotel, McCurtain Street, Cork. After a few weeks there were complaints from the NUJ and the station had to move from the hotel to Adeliade place

40 St Lukes Cross 40 St Lukes Cross antenna

The front & rear view of the aerial at 40 St Lukes Cross where the station moved to after about 6 months on air. It was a short move as the two addresses are only about 200 metres apart!

Press cutting 19th May 1983

Finally above is a newspaper cutting from 19th May 1983 around the time of the big raids. Hope the qbove useful, keep up the good work. Best regards - Pat Healy

Where Are the Now?

Peter Maher is running his own company Mahers Sports Therapy in Carrigaline just outside Cork city & is also involved in coaching athletes

John Kenny who works for RTE Sports in Dublin featured has several times been on BBC Radio 4's Test Match Special helping with commentaries & analysis during the recent Cricket World Cup

Ian Richards (ERI overnight host) is still involved in discos & equipment hire in Cork.He sill has the long hair but now more grey than black - A bit like the rest of us ha ha! 14/5/07 - Pat Healy

Saw the Irish Radio feature. I was a newsreader at ERI in the 80's during the times of Emer Lucy, Paul Graham, Ian Richards & Liam Quigley. My word how time zooms by! Since been in ILR & BBC in England whilst chasing tornadoes in Kansas and Oklahoma. Like the site brought many memories back of the pioneering days of broadcasting in Eire when we gave RTE a good run for their money & they lost whatever happened to the RTE local op in Cork was it dropped? Keep me informed if you've heard any more tales of what's happened to the great guys/girls in those times in the years since then. All the best - Shaun Osullivan

Just surfing & found your wonderful website with some great pictures from The Cork days. How we have all grown up The long haired man in the picture is Ian Richards the ERI overnight guy back then - Liam Quigley

Great to see the South Coast Radio feature it brought back some great memories of working on both South Coast in the Metropole Hotel & later ERI, with Liam Quigley, Shaun O'Sullivan, Andrew Hewkin, Paul Graham, Stuart Scott & of course the late Don Allan, Tony Allan, Yorkie, Terry Vacani, & loads more other days :) I've worked all around Ireland & the world since then. Still working in Ireland to this day. Slainte - Steve Marshall

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Summing up, the last or is arse word from Pete

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