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Paul's Pile - Part 1

A 3 part series of pictures from the the bottom of Paul Elvey's deep & dark sea chest

The negatives being lost we've digitally enhanced the pictures from small 35mm contact prints to the bring out as much detail as possible

Welcome to Radio City on 299 metres

Paul had been with Radio Sutch & continued his employment with Reg Calvert predominantly as an engineer on Radio City

Paul begins his programme with his usual theme tune

John Barry Seven - "The Magnificent Seven" on Columbia 45-DB-4598 from the 1961 film of the same name

DJ & programme themes were labeled & kept in the small space between the wall & turntable console


Paul Elvey on Radio City (December 1964)

N.B The Lancastrians had a minor #47 two week hit in the Christmas Eve chart of 1964 with "We'll Sing In The Sunshine"

Early days of the station as smart Paul gets ready for the photo session, the jacket & tie are the giveaway

View of Control Tower from the landing stage of G1 Gun Tower

Posed picture of Paul holding the mic' supposedly reading album detail

View from the transmitter room through newly fitted internal window

Another pose Paul talks up "With The Beatles"

Behind Paul a series 4 Ferrograph tape-machine that was used to record programmes & later play-out & for the religious tapes

Behind that the Brennell used right up until the station closed for open reel playback of adverts & jingles

Top 20 songs from The New Musical Express on wall to left of meter above microphones

The partition window gave the DJ view of the transmitters the rule was to monitor the meter level output

Top 10/20 songs & later the Beatles & Stones for the 5x4 show being the most used singles were kept in the racks

The rest of the records were on shelves in corner left of the photographers position

Despite the far from ideal quality we trust it didn't detract from the pleasure of seeing these rare pictures

This feature will continue in Paul's Pile - Part 2

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