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Paul's Pile - Part 2

Second part of a 3 part series of pictures from the the bottom of Paul Elvey's deep & dark sea chest

The negatives being lost we've digitally enhanced the pictures from small 35mm contact prints to the bring out as much detail as possible

Let's get this show on the road

Paul Elvey welcomes us back to Radio City on 299 metres medium wave from the Shivering Sands Forts

Calendar next to Top 20 Chart on wall with various reminders & "reads"

Roll of leader tape above left of partition window

Paul does his Wolfman Jack impression

Shelf behind Paul with pre-recorded shows

The fort was seldom manned by more than 3 people

On one occasion Paul was left alone until more crew came out

Final link "That's it from me Chris is next"

Commercial rack above radiator with a few 3" spools of open reel tapes are adverts

Paul gets Chris' theme ready "Struttin' With Maria" by Herb Alpert & the Team on the Brass who became the Tijuana Brass

Each DJ/programme theme tune had its own sticker

A Stateside track written by Alpert released in 1963 was also on the "flip" of Marching Thru' Madrid & on the Mexican Shuffle Stateside EP SE 1031 pictured

Chris Cross lines up his first song


Studio tape Chris Cross 'Spoof' recording to Rugby friend (February 1965)

Chris Cross about to do a live read

Quad Amplifier to right of radiator used as studio monitor

Paul back to line up the religious broadcasts that commenced at 18.00 hours

After the frequency had settled 290 mmw (1034kHz) advertised as 299 mmw the religion was later simulcast when a Cossor transmitter came out on 187 mmw (1605kHz) advertised as 188 mmw

This feature concludes in Paul's Pile - Part 3

Despite the far from ideal quality we trust it didn't detract from the pleasure of seeing these rare pictures

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