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Paul's Pile - Part 3

Final part of a three part series of pictures from the the bottom of Paul Elvey's deep & dark sea chest

Published in March 2005 to mark the anniversary of my 1st live programmes from Shivering Sands in March 1965

The negatives being lost we've digitally enhanced the pictures from small 35mm contact prints to the bring out as much detail as possible

Looking through the window Paul in action in the Radio City 299 studio

Checking all's well the DJ on air was expected to monitor the meters on the transmitters

Two microphones the AKG D12 superceded the earlier Radio Sutch model alongside

The first jury rigged aerials stretches horizontally around most of the fort complex to achieve the quarter wave of 299

Held up by scaffold poles the aerial ended in a massive loop on the top of the G3 Gun Tower

Paul relaxes, the wooden chair was to be replaced by a durable stool

Selecting the closing"Stones" single from the racks on the incredibly popular daily 5 x 4 Beatles & Rolling Stones Show


Radio City 5x4 Beatles & Stones Show with Paul Elvey (Undated)

Pauls Riley parked outside his then home in Billericay Essex

Whilst Paul's wife Sylvia labours over a hot stove

The top of the range in its day the Farina styled model boasted plenty of chrome, leather upholstery, & interior wood trim

Paul's Mum & Dad - Dave & Anne

Coming off the fort together it was the height of luxury for me to be taken home in Paul's now Classic Riley

See the Riley 4/68 & 4/72 website for more detail on these cars

Laurence with parents Paul & Sylvia in summer 2002

To complete the family picture daughter Leah & grand daughter Kimberley pictured in June 2004

With Dick Dixon & Paul Elvey in summer 2003 first time we'd all been together since 1965

Exposed to the privations of existing on the fort as a young lad I'd nothing but admiration for Paul

Rising first he'd start the generator, power up the transmitter to host the "Early Bird Show"

After a hasty breakfast, always refusing anything I'd prepared, don't blame him! He'd then get stuck into maintenance & repairs

A couple of particularly stressful periods I recall was preparing for the arrival of the Lister JP3 Generator, & later the Detroit

Ever though working flat out himself Paul always found time to explain things

I'll always remember fondly our times together, & the inspiration he gave me to pursue a media career

I'm indebted to Paul & his family for sharing these their personal pictures

BLR February 2005

Despite the far from ideal quality we trust it didn't detract from the pleasure of seeing these rare pictures

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