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Red Sands Radio - Part 1

In the build up to the first broadcasts of a radio station to transmit from the Fort since 1967

Press Releases #s 1-3 & colourful pictures provided by Ricardo Insua-Cao & Errol Sidelsky

Red Sands Forts from the south east

The Red Sands Army Fort complex

Red Sands Radio Press Release 1

Press Release 1 - PDF File - 14th May 2007

Red Sands from the Kentish Flats

Tow pictures of Red Sands

Red Sands from the Kentish Flats Windfarm

From the Kentish Flats Windfarm

Red Sands Radio Press Release 2

Press Release 2 - PDF File - 23rd May 2007

Red Sand Fort Cluster

Seagulls until now the only occupants of Red Sands

Red Sands Radio Press Release 3

Press Release 3 - PDF File - 29th May 2007

Gun Tower 4

Gun Tower 4

Kentish Flats

Dramatic sunset & spray from our RiB

City of the Lost Children Book Cover

Have you seen the French film “City of Lost Children” from the mid-90s?

When I first saw small blurred photo of the Forts in an English newspaper in Morocco, straight away I thought about that film set around a small rusted oil rig where an old professor who has never dreamt kidnaps children to steal their dreams. Quite a beautiful film - Ricardo

8 year olds painting of Red Sands

Thought you might like to see a painting one of my little pupils has just finished. He’s just turned 8 and its in oils think its quite fun - Ricardo

Thanks to Ricardo Insua-Cao - Artist & Designer & Errol & Jean Sidelsky of South Africa for the pictures

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