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Seatribe - Part 2

Continued from Seatribe - Part 1 the summer of 2004 saw the Seatribe Project revived with the express purpose of preserving the Red Sands Fort, the most complete of the two remaining Maunsell Army Forts for future generations

Red Sands Fort from Balmoral

Red Sands Fort seen from the bridge of the 'Balmoral' (2003)

Red Sands Fort 2003

An animated three dimensional computer model of a complete set of Army Forts has been built for virtual tours of the fort

Seatribe had left their mark as The Red Sands Development Corporation in the late 1960's still visible on the tower

For pictures see Greta 1 & for the top & inside the Bofors Tower navigate from Red Sands 2003

Red Sands silhouette in 1999

Silhouette with Whitstable behind (1999)

Sky photo of Red Sands Fort in 2003

Red Sands Fort from the air (2003)

Nore Fort Remains at Cliffe

Nore Fort remains on the foreshore at Cliffe in Kent by John Spargo

Nore Fort Base

A survey of the remains of the Nore Fort "oxford picture fame" bases was undertaken (June 2004)

See Fort Fax for the history of Nore Fort

Above a Nore base stubb of one reinforced concrete legs

Base Ties

The base ties (June 2004)

Reinforced leg stubb

Leg stub detail with remains of original ties still in position (June 2004)

Inside leg box section

Inside one of the "oxford picture frame" cruciform's (June 2004)

On Thursday 22nd & Friday 23rd July civil engineering company Taylor Woodrow conducted the underwater survey of the Control & G2 Towers

Their report shows that the base cruciform box sections are sound & in remarkable condition given they are 60 years old

Encrustation's on test box sections were easily removed & the corner angles of each section was solid

Unquote from Taylor Woodrow; They're in better condition than some contemporary motorway bridges!

09/09/07 - I stumbled on the site while Googling 'Patacake Warwick' having just stumbled on a picture of her in a recent book about the boy-wonder peace guru, Maharishi. Amazed to see your Red Sands picures of Steve Warwick, I last met up with him in 1973 in his prime but, as a detail, the girl on the front row isn't his wife, Patacake. I don't recognise who she is. Now that I have found your extraordinary site I'll take a browse around. Thanks - Rick Blears

Many thanks for the recent order the books and video are fascinating a whole episode of history (not just the pirate radio stations) that seems to have been overlooked. I've seen on the web the information about Project Red Sands, which if it succeeds would be a tremendous achievement. These forts are certainly as much a part of British history as some of the candidates on the recent BBC 'Restoration' series. I'll be in touch about purchasing some more items from you - as soon as funds allow!!! Regards Mike Leonard

This feature contines in Seatribe - Part 3

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Make sure you also see the NAB "Mystery Tower" the forerunner to Maunsell Forts in Solent

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