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Radio Sutch & City in Pictures & Audio Part 2

Issue: 6 Updated: 1st March 2014

Radio City tender Harvester 1

1. Radio City's tenders the Harvester 1 & II in theirs home port of Whitstable, this picture taken by my late brother Mike

Shivering Sands drawing

2. A line drawing depicting Shivering Sands in 1966 by Alan Brown

Radio City headed paper

3. Radio City headed note paper, the Oxford Street

The building still sports an interesting array of aerials on its roof

Radio City Manager Erik K Martin

4. Station Manager & owner of The Record Centre

The Radio City Kent & Sussex office at 20a Oxford Street Whitstable, Eric Martin above holding a rectifier valve from the 299 transmitter

Audio Break

Station Manager Eric Martin voices Mick Fisher Bar Billiards Table Advertisement

You can hear Eric K Martin recalling his role at the station on the CD "The Radio Sutch & City Story" which can be found in the Offshore Shop

Record Centre headed paper

5. The Record Centre's own headed note paper

The premises had been a fruit & vegetable shop, a carpet shop & is now a book shop

20a Oxford Street can be found next to the former Oxford Cinema, a bingo hall just before the road becomes High Street

Shivering Sand fort access to gun towers

6. Southern Gun Tower G1 Personnel entry

Achieved by jumping onto the salt encrusted rusty ladder across some old pallets to scramble up the runs to the single man door entry in the base of the Fort

Engineer Tony Pine on hoist

7. Alternatively engineer Tony Pine ascends by bosons chair

The hoist bosuns chair was replaced by a pallet which made tendering easier in rough weather

Audio Break

Tony Pine daily report on the Fort to Shore link using the old Radio Sutch Transmitter with call sign pigeon-blackbird, later the main TX was used after closedown, Caroline did same later

Pictures of the Radio Sutch transmitter can be seen in Sutch & City Part 1 & Sutch & City Part 4

You can hear Tony Pine's memories of the station on the CD "The Tower of Power" which can be found in the Offshore Shop

Barrels of fuel go up on hoist

8. 50 gallon drums of diesel oil go up on the 1 ton electric hoist as the tender pulls away

ListerJP3 Diesel Generator

9. Lister JP3 Diesel Generator

Above generator was eventually hauled up into the Fort on a second try after the hoist had been modified

This was later used at night when a Detroit flat head diesel generator came aboard

N.B The G1 Gun Tower was separated from the original Gardner LV generators on the Searchlight Tower following the Ribersborg collision of 1963 which toppled the G4 Gun Tower

Engineer Tony Pine rests on catwalk during its construction
10. Tony Pine proudly lounging on his creation

Expanding into the Control Tower it was essential to replace the old dilapidated WWII catwalk. Tony Pine set about liberating it to the murky depths & constructed the famous jungle walk. Resting above the waves a sofa was carried across a few moments after this picture was taken

Hear that story & more on the CD "The Tower of Power" in the Offshore Shop

Army Fort Leg Design Plan

11. The reinforced fort legs were constructed on hollow pontoons in the shape of an Oxford Picture frame

Floats for Army Fort Plan

12. Each fort was slung between two barges the legs were flooded & the fort structure lowered to the sea bed by winch

Drawings by J A Posford the fort builders from "The Construction of Britain's Sea Forts"

For more details on all the Thames Estuary Forts see Fort Fax

Dick Dixon at Record Centre Martin Green at Record Centre Alexander Dee at Record Centre

13. 14. & 15. Above pictures taken at The Record Centre

Listen out for the elbow microphone switch clicks & lack of slip pads in the audio clips below

Audio Break

Dick Dixon, Martin Green, Alexander Dee. Then Tom Edwards closing down for the night after the boarding party had left earlier

Tom Edwards in final studio

16. Tom Edwards

Press picture taken to commemorate his first year on Radio City known as mother he was to be the last voice heard when the station closed on 8tth February 1967

Boarders on Shivering Sands prepare to leave

17. Paul Elvey accepts sealed orders from the tender following the boarding raid of June 1966, police & officials on the gantry above

A contingent of Dockers aboard the Gravesend Tug 'Vanquisher' had been dispatched by Oliver Smedley & Kitty Black of Project Atlanta (Caroline South) arriving at the Towers at 03.15 on Monday of 20th June

Removing the transmitter crystal the & barring the crew from the studio, the raiders kept the station of-air, finally leaving at 20.15 on Sunday 26th June

Programmes re-commenced at 22.00 with a spare crystal that had been secreted away by engineers

Sailing away from Shivering Sands ort

18. The tender pulls away at speed to leave the crew to an uncertain future

Transmitter engineer Ian West

19. Engineer Ian West Ham Radio G3SZC

Replaces the transmitter crystal hidden away by Phil Perkins turns 299 back on, all be it briefly

Sky picture shot of Shivering Sands in 1967 with added logo

20. What might have been the final QSL card by Eddie Austin

Features the Sky Photos aerial photograph of the fort cluster at Shivering Sands in 1967

This story continues from Sutch & City Part 3

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ENJOYED the latest scrapbook on Radio Sutch! By the way THANK YOU for the link. Karl, who helped me (the field photo is actually of his wife's parents farm, near St. Louis FAR from here) and I, both got a kick out of how you used the sign with the middle of nowhere. Anyway, I have NOT set up my "Tom's Friends" links yet but AS SOON AS I DO you will be there! Have a good week. THANK YOU! Tom (Konard)

Superb photos from the Shivering Sands I've never seen before. This jungle walk is amazing, could connect the towers once again. Still listen to the old City and 390 tapes, these two on the forts were excellent radio stations, each in its own way. Greetings from Groningen. Paul de Haan

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