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Radio Sutch & City in Pictures

Part 5

Updated: 14 Octber 2014 Issue: 6

Transition from Radio Sutch to Radio City with more never before published pictures & audio

Radio Sutch Launch Press Picture

Radio Sutch launched in a blaze of publicity

Newspaper reprint: The Cornucopia in the Pool of London with L-R: Terry King (Kings Agency) David Sutch, Brian Paull , Candy Calvert, Reg Calvert, The Savages Drummer - Pete Phillipps, Lead Guitarist - Geoff Mew, Roadie - Colin Dale, Rhythm Guitarist - Paul Dean, Bass Guitarist - Ronnnie Harwood

Shivering Sands Gun Tower 1 Gantry Light

But it was to be the Towers on Shivering Sands that were to become home to Radio Sutch

From the top of G1 Southern Gun Tower over jib arm & lamp

Gun Tower 1 from G4

Southern G1 Gun Tower from G4 Gun Tower the base of Radio Sutch

For more details on all the Thames Estuary Forts see Fort Fax

Listener 299 Cartoon Poster

Radio Sutch on 197's gone as life begins at 299 with Radio City here a cartoon poster

Dick Dixon Martin Green

Dick Dixon & our Dutch DJ Martin Green above your swinging hosts on the British coast

A plinth had been built to replace the makeshift rig in the final phase of Radio Sutch this remained for some considerable time

See Sutch & City 1 for studio details

Radio City Transmitters

They drifted around 180 - 190 & 294 - 302 metres respectively with the old Radio Sutch transmitter being replaced by a General Electric TCJ-7 right & Cossor left

Eventually Radio City settled on advertised frequencies of 188 & 299 metres

26/12/07 - The General Electric TCJ medium wave TX covers 300 to 600kc, 837 master oscillator, 807 Intermediate power amplifier with a pair 813s in the final amplifier. CW and MCW modes, 400 watts output at 1800V on the plates - 73, Rob Flory

In following clip an unknown DJ is it Eric Jay let us know if you know


Unknown DJ, Ralph Cooper, Johnny Flux 1965

Ralph Cooper's Soul Show was pre-recorded in New York, British Johnny Flux a former Newspaper Man and Guitarist with David Jones (Bowie) DJ'ing in a Mid-Atlantic Drawl

Lister JP3 Generator

In March 1965 the one & a half ton 3 cylinder Lister JP3 diesel arrived

Martin Green

DJ Martin Green in the intermediate studio

Harvester 2 below crane window

Below Fred Downs at the helm of Harvester 2 under the crane jib off loading crew & carboys of water & diesel fuel

Martin Green

Another Martin Green show not unusual in the mid-60's Radio City programes were short & DJ returns frequent!

Choppy Sea around Shivering Sands Fort

Choppy sea around the fort before the crane was used the leap across to the ladder could be a most unpleasant experience

Sky press picture during raid on Radio City

National Press picture after Radio City's boarding in June 1966

Boarder, Police & Radio City crew on Shiverins Sand

Most people ever on the fort at one time!

Gravesend Dockers & Police Officials with Press, Ian MacRae at the crane hatch

This "window" is the view hatch for the crane operator

The events surrounding the raid signaled the end of offshore radio

Radio City was to finally close on Wednesday 8th February 1967 at just after midnight

Control Tower from boat Alongside G2 from boat

Dick Dixon returns to Shivering Sands in August 1967 with girlfriend Janet see press cutting in Sutch & City 6

The Junglewalk

Swinging the catwalk

Catwalk from Control Tower Landing on G1 from Control Tower Boat approaches from Control Tower

Reception on landing stage at low tide as the boat returns note Oxford Picture Frame leg bracing

Dick Dixon on roof of G1 Tower Janet Hooper on roof of G1 Tower

Dick Dixon former City DJ engineer & Janet Hooper on top of the Control Tower

Tony Pine on roof of G1 Tower Boat approaches from top of Control Tower

Top of Control Tower looking towards South Buoy & the Kent coast

3.7 shell lockers

3.7" shell lockers on the roof of gun towers

G3 from Contol Tower

From the Control Tower looking towards Gun Tower 3

Leaving Fort Fort Complex

Leaving the fort behind

Shivering Sands in 1969 Shivering Sands in 1969

Another trip in 1969 things had deteriorated further

Shivering Sands in 1969 Shivering Sands in 1969 Shivering Sands in 1969

Left: Control Tower & G3 from G1

Middle: G1, Control with Searchlight beyond showing the collapsed "Junglewalk"

Right: Gun Tower 3 from the top of Gun Tower 1

Shivering Sands in 1969

Catwalk's gone the Bofors Tower now in isolation

Radio City Red Poster

The Radio City poster above along with the blue wash poster have been reprinted in commemoration of the stations 40th anniversary see City Re-Union

They are now available in the Offshore Shop

Grateful thanks to Dick Dixon for his contribution to this feature, & to Martin Green for his pictures sent via Hans Knot

The story continues from Sutch & City Part 6

15/01/05 - Great to read about Martin Green, I was 2nd Projectionest to Wally at the Oxford Cinema, next door to the Radio City Shop in Whitstable for three years 1964-1967

Wally was a queer old bird, don't know if he is still kicking, be over 90 if so, projectors went to a museum, they used so much oil that when it poured out the other end, Wally used it again in his car and bikes!

Martin used to come in whenever in port for a cuppa tea & chat, a great pal nearly 40 years ago, we both got married and lost touch. I think he got called up into the Dutch Army. I served an apprentiship as a printer, on my own, I had a fire and finished up in the Cinema trade, but did the printing for Radio City, whilst at Whitstable, contracts etc, wish I had kept some. So was printing and running the local Cinema at the same time - Bill Pryor P.S Still in the Cinema trade

Thanks for all the interesting updates, just looked at Sutch & City Part 5, good stuff.
Regards Steve Hibbert, Ealing, London

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