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The A-Z of everyone that has ever worked for Radio Caroline, every ship, every service from ship to shore from 1964 to date, the UK mainland stations, the Continental's, Worldspace, Satellite, Restricted Service Licence, relays the lot DJ's, Engineers, Newsreaders, Ships Captains & Crew, Tender Skippers, Production Teams & Office Staff

This could be the most concise Caroline Crew list of ever produced help us make it complete with your input for accuracy, pictures & audio

Here it is the 'Name Game' 19 pages of the Radio Caroline's Crew where possible with your help we'll use never before published pictures & clips

Key to the Ships: (F) = Fredericia (M) = Mi-Amigo (C) = Cheeta II (MB) = Mebo II (R) = Ross Revenge

Scooner Margarethe

The 'Mi-Amigo' in her early days as Scooner 'Margarethe' (1921-1927)

The ships all had an interesting past, the Mi-Amigo dated from 1921 enduring until 1986

Radio Atlanta announced in Press Cuttings Radio Atlanta announced in Press Cuttings

Press cuttings anounce Radio Atlanta

Bon Jour Radio Nord 1961 Mi Amigo Radio Atlanta 1964

Renamed 'Bon Jour' Radio Nord (1961)

Then 'Mi-Amigo' Radio Atlanta (1964)

MV Caroline

The MV 'Caroline' 'Fredericia' in Greenore Southern Ireland with Ronan O'Rahilly at the prow

Cilla Black

Cilla Black often heard on Radio Caroline

Help: Can you identify the people in the pictures below which were taken onboard the Mi-Amigo in 1972

Dutch Unknown 1? Dutch Unknown 2?

27/10/09 - Andy Archer said 'I remember the faces but not the names, Gerard Van Dam was alway bringing people out to the ship, some were Nightclub DJ's he knew'

MV Caroline/Fredericia in Line & Tone

Back to the begining the MV 'Caroline'/'Fredericia' a line & tone sketch from 1964

MV Caroline in English Channel 13th July 1964

Photographed by K Brouwer from the Dutch coaster 'Amstelstroom' in the English Channel, the 'Fredericia' en'route to Ramsey Bay on 13th July 1964 (Take 2 Archive)

Amstelstroom (1950) IMO # 5015426

Short History: The MV Caroline/Fredericia was the original Radio Caroline ship moving to the Isle-of-Man to become Caroline North, later International after the Marine Etc Broadcast Offences Act bound the Isle-of-Man law on 31st August 1967

MV Fredericia History

MV Bon Jour

The MV 'Bon Jour' as Radio Nord was to become 'Magda Maria' then 'Mi-Amigo' for Radio Atlanta/Caroline

The 1921 built German 3 masted scooner 'Margarethe' was sold, lenghtened to become the 'Olga' serving during WWII as an auxiliary vessel

Lengthened again she was converted for the Scandinavian Offshore Station Radio Nord & became the 'Bon Jour' in 1962 she was renamed 'Magda Maria'

1962 saw her named Mi-Amigo purchased by Project Atlanta as their Radio Ship which became Caroline South

Later as Caroline International after the Marine Etc Broadcast Offences Act became law on 14th August 1967

When the Mi-Amigo went aground the former Radio Syd ship the Cheeta II was used

Returning the Mi-Amigo battled on until Saturday 2nd March 1968 when snatched at sea along with the Fredericia ever since rumours depart from the line of unpaid tendering bills & suggest a more sinister political reason for the silencing of Caroline

In 1972 the Mi-Amigo returned to sea to broadcast until she sank in March 1980

Several aborted ideas to re-float Caroline from the Radio Londons 'Galaxy' or the Radio 270 'Oceaan 7' failed but in August 1983 Caroline returned on the 'Ross Revenge' until she went aground on the Goodwin Sands in November 1991

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Chris Adams - 80's Caroline (R) Essex boy Chris had worked on Voice of Peace, joined Caroline on 1st June 1989. Chris was airlifted off the Ross Revenge by RAF helicopter when the ship grounded on the Goodwin Sands in November 1991. He later ran two successful radio stations TKO FM & TKO Gold, on the Costa Blanca in Spain, returning to the UK he can currently be heard on BRFM's 80's Saturday Show

Ramsey Jerry King & Dave Williams Ramsey Tony Prince & Jerry King

?, Jerry King, Dave Williams News Reader
?, Tony Prince, Jerry King

Above On Tender in Ramsey (Take 2 Archive)

Glenn Adams - South (M) 1967 - 1968

At time of writing (2009) living in his native New Zealand working as an artist & potter

Trevor Adams - 2003 did a couple of programmes on the Internet Service, one time part of projectredsand

Robin Adcroft-Banks

Robin on the 'Mi-Amigo' in 1973 (Robin Adcroft-Banks Archive)

Robin Adcroft/Banks - RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970, 70's Caroline (M) Radio Engineer later DJ 1972 - 1973

Robin flirted with the Maunsell Sea Forts in 1967 & started Seatribe in 1969, he was to join Radio Northsea International see RNI & remained with the ship sailing to Libya. He's since been a freelance radio engineer in various parts of the world & these days (2009) is Charman of project-redsand

Ian Akres

Ian Akers on the rear deck 'Ross Revenge' 1986

Ian Akers/Ian Miles - 80's Caroline (R) joined in April 1986 one of his jobs being to baby sit the religious tapes on Viewpoint 963 known aboard as 'The Vicar' also jocked on return Ian Miles in 1989

Nick Richards & Adrian

Nick Richards with Adrian in the Caroline Studio Ross Revenge 1985

Adrian - 80's Caroline (R) Crew Member 1985

Adrian - Skipper of the 'Trot Boat' at Queenborough in 1997

Mike Aherne

Mike Aherne

Mike Ahearne in Caroline North Studio

Mike Aherne in the MV Caroline (Fredericia) Caroline North Studio (Kenny Tosh Archive)

Mike Aherne - North (F) later South (M) (C) 1965 - 1967

The MV Mi-Amigo

The 'Mi-Amigo' in 1967

First Radio Nord, Radio Atlanta, Caroline South, Radio Seagull, Mi-Amigo & Atlantis

Since Caroline Mike worked briefly for BBC Radio 1 before going to Australia to work on a number of stations there before returning to the UK and do more radio on various stations since 1988

Sadly Mike lost his battle with cancer and died on Monday 5th October 2009

British Sticker

Sticker included for Mike Aherne memories of his 1967 'Yes I'm British through & through Caroline South promo' 

Barry Ainley - General Manager, based in Caroline House 1964 - 1967

Patricia Aitkins - Secretray to Chris Moore, based in Caroline House 1964 - 1967

Tender Seahorse

'Seahorse' alongside 'Ross Revenge' 1985

Brian Allen - 80's Caroline (R) Nightclub DJ worked in Essex & Denmark went to Caroline in January 1984

Alex - 80's Caroline (R) Tender Skipper 'Seahorse' Ramsgate

Paul Alexander

Paul Alexander on a tender approaching the Mi-Amigo in 1973 (Hans Knot Archive)

Paul Alexander - 70's Caroline (M) 1973

Tim Allen - 80's Caroline (R) joined in October 1984 stayed until December was aboard when 300' antenna mast collapsed

Chris Cary, Peter Chicago & Tony Allan

Chris Cary, Peter Chicago & Tony Allan on the Mi-Amigo 1973

Tony Allan - 70's Caroline (M) 1972 - 1974, 1976 - 1979, also on Seagull 1973

Tony spent time on the Voice of Peace, a short stint on Radio Forth before returning to his native Ireland to work with Chris Cary at Nova. Work in ComProd followed the closure of Radio Nova & an eventual return to the UK. Dignosed with cancer Tony died on 9th July 2004 see Tony Allan Tribute

You might like to see this other tribute to Tony Allan 1 : 2

Barry Allen

Brian Allen

Brian Allen in Caroline 'Ross Revenge' studio 1983

Brian Allen - (R) Joined in January 1984 stayed until November left to live in Denmark & marry

Dickie Allen

MV Caroline North 1967

MV 'Caroline'/'Fredericia' Caroline North 1967

Don Allen in Caroline North Studio

Don Allen on Caroline North 1967

Don Allen

Don Allen on Caroline North 1967

'Daffy' Don Allen - South (M) later became chief DJ North, International (F) 1967 - 1968, Caroline Revival Hour on Radio Andorra in March 1969 sponsored by Frenchman Yves Khun, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970

After Caroline Don moved to Manz Radio & later BBC Merseyside ahead of time as senior DJ, before a spending best part of the 1980's in Ireland he was to die following a heart attack on 13th May 1995

You might like to see the following tribute to Don Allen

Mike Allen - Atlanta (M) then South 1964 - 1965

Petticoat Club Press Advert

Began as a song writer before his stint at Caroline then presented a radio series for BBC radio, these days believed to be living in Portsmouth running a collectors record business

Mi-Amigo in the 1960's

Caroline South's Mi-Amigo in the mid 1960's

Tim Allen - 80s Caroline (R) Joined October - December 1987

Tom Allen


Dave Allice

Elly Van Amstel - 80's Caroline (M) on Radio Monique 1983

Mi-Amigo 1965

The Mi-Amigo in 1966

Alex Anderson - Caroline House, Production - 1964 - 1967

Brian Anderson - 70's Caroline (M) 1974

Barry Anderson

Spangles with Archer

Chris Cary with Andy Archer on the 'Mi-Amigo' 1973

Herb Oscar Anderson - Another alter ego of Chis Cary see Spangles Maldoon

Harry Anderson

Ian Anderson on the Mi-Amigo in 1973 (Ian Anderson Archive)

Ian Anderson - 70's Caroline (M) 1973 (MB) 1972 - 1973

Offshore Radio almost started for me when I was invited by Don Todd of King Music to go to Radio City during my college summer holidays in 1966, but I chickened out with the Shivering Sands raid and Reg Calvert's death. I did some land based radio in 1967-8 and a pilot idea for the BBC in Scotland in 1968-9 before what became Radio Geronimo, started in 1969. I have recently been able to recreate most of the early playlists since I was the only one at all of the Andorra/Monte Carlo recording sessions, from October 1969 to March 1970. I kept full notes of what was played, studios booked, equipment used and who was involved. I was on the Mebo II 1972-1973 and the Mi-Amigo in 1973, I probably could have been on Atlantis in 1974, since we shared a flat with Steve and Debbie England just before that, and the Voice of Peace up until 1977, when I was asked to go a number of times by Abie Nathan, but other things were happening, including Radio Forth from 1974 - 1976. My decisions not to go back offshore turned out for the best - Ian Anderson

Tom Anderson

Tom Anderson on the tender 'Henrietta' at 06.00 on 9th October 1986

Tom Anderson - 70's Caroline (M) 1975 - 1980, 80's Caroline (R) Caroline 319 launch then Caroline Overdrive 1983 - 1985

319 sticker

The giant 319 vinyl sticker 58.5 cm (23") x 7.5 (3")

Lewis, Barrington, Willy, Turner, Andrews

Johnny Lewis, Mike Barrington, 'Windy' skipper Willy, Kevin Turner & Dave Andrews top deck Ross Revenge 1986

Chris Andrews

David/Dave Andrews - 80's Caroline (R) 1986

Elton Andrews

Alton Andrews starboard side 'Ross Revenge' fore deck 1984

Alton Andrews/Mark Summers - 80's Caroline (R) September - October 1984, January - February 1985

David Andrews - 80s Caroline (R) June 1985 - June 1986

Peter Andrews


Mr Anonymous

Chris Anthony

Eddie Anthony (M) nicknamed Eddie 'Tubby' Anthony presented on the Mi-Amigo Caroline Sount in 1964

Steve Anthony

Steve Anthony

Involved behind the scenes at Caroline from the mid-80s until 1994 Steve Anthony did two programmes on the May/June 1994 RSL from Bradwell. The first from 04.00 - 07.00 on 4th June, the second from 05.00 - 07.00 5th June. Prior to that he appeared as Stevi Tee a couple of times on the Offshore Radio 1584 project in 1992. & the Euronet satellite radio experiment in 92/93. He's now part of the Ross Revenge restoration team & from 3rd November 2013 was given a regular Sunday Satellite programme 18.00 - 21.00 GMT

Peter Antony - Satellite from 2008

Was at Radio Luxembourg 208 from 1985 - 1991 joinded the Satellite service in 2008

Josef Arch - North (F) Austrian Radio Engineer 1964

Andy Archer

Andy Archer on the 'Mi-Amigo' 1973

Archer, Marjo Marcus, Peter Clarke

Andy Archer with Marjo Marcus & Peter Clark on the 'Ross Revenge' in 1983

Andy Archer - International (M) 1967 - 1968, RNI's Caroline (MB) 1970, 70's Caroline 1972 - 1973 (M) also Seagull 1973, 80's Caroline (R) 1983

Full account of Andy's Antics & background on Ad Roberts Site

Andrew Arden - Caroline House, Record Library 1964 - 1967

Steve Conway, Davre Asher, Rob Harrison

Steve Conway, Dave Asher, Rob Harrison on 'Ross Revenge' in 1988

Garner Ted Armstrong - North (F) South (M) 'The Voice of Prophecy' a syndicated religious programme taken by most of the Offshore stations

Rob Ashard on Ross Revenge in Tilbury

Rob Ashard Ross on deck of 'Ross Revenge' during the Tilbury RSL (Graham Vine Archive)

Rob Ashard in studio on Ross Revenge in Tilbury

Rob Ashard in the Tilbury RSL on the Ross Revenge (Graham Vine Archive)

Rob Ashard - RSL Tilbury (R) 199 satellite from 2006

One of the jocks on duty during the Merlin weekend in 1999 with MF TX's from Europe

Rob of Ashard Audio has run a number Race Circuit Radio Stations & was one of our Red Sands Radio presenters. Robs Media clients include TV's Dancing On Ice : I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

A little-remembered RSL is the one from the LV-18 we were allowed to use the name and jingles with the proviso that we had to adopt a Top 40 format so as not to clash with the album format of the satellite - Graham Vine

Dave Asher - 90's Caroline (R) 1990

Caroline DJ's at Supper on Mi-Amigo

Tommy Vance, Steve Young, Mike Ahern, Robbie Dale, John Aston & Johnny Walker after supper on the Mi-Amigo in 1966

John Aston - North (F) later South (M) Newsreader 1966 - 1967

John had previously worked on KING Radio as John Stewart, when that became Radio 390 he was known as Chris Stewart. A fall over an advertisement resulted in a move to Radio Essex then he joined Caroline as Newsreader John Aston, before Radio 270 & Radio 355. John's since been working in the Film Industry buildingproducing special effects & hardware including an operational replica of the 'Enigma' device, & numerous stunts in the Bond movies

At the time of publication (2009) John can be heard on Thames Valley's Blast FM

Mi Amigo Beached at Frinton

'Mi-Amigo' beached at Frinton takes a pounding from storm seas on 20th January 1966

Peter Atkins - Caroline House 1964 - 1967

Philip Soloman

Philip Soloman buys into Radio Caroline

Heavy promotion of records from his Major Minor Label aren't appreciated by the DJ's

Patricia Atkins - Caroline House, Secretary to Chris Moore 1964 - 1967

Andrew Austin

Andrew Austin at Caroline Vintners Park studio at Maidstone TV Centrex 3rd May 2007

Andrew Austin - Satellite from 2001

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